Press Release: Chi to present petition to Parliament over Premier League

Newcastle MP to present petition to Parliament over Premier League


Following the Premier League’s reply to her letter on the collapse of the Newcastle United takeover, Newcastle Central MP Chi Onwurah has announced that she will present a petition to the House of Commons. The Petition calls for greater transparency and accountability for the Premier League and their takeover processes.

Chi said “This petition will require a response from the Government on an issue that is of great concern to many of my  constituents who have called on me to take action.  Football is an important part of the economy and cultural identity of my constituency and the lack of transparency and accountability of the Premier League affects the city – it also matters to football fans across the country. The government should not hide from an issue that millions are so passionate about

Chi launched the petition on Wednesday evening on her website (link) asking for fan support, attracting more than 10,000 supporters overnight.  MP’s have a right to petition the House of Commons on behalf of their constituents and the Government is required to respond.  The Government’s response will also be considered by the  Petitions Committee who can recommend further steps action including scrutiny by a Select Committee or a Parliamentary Debate.

Chi said, “I am really pleased by the support that my petition has already received. It will require response from the Government and keep the pressure on them and the Premier League to provide clarity and accountability for fans across the country. Government promised a fan led review of football in its manifesto but it has yet to deliver.”


Notes for editors

  • The petition can be found here and reflects traditional parliamentary protocol (link)
  • There is an existing petition on regarding the takeover which has amassed 110k signatures. This does not require any Government response.
  • Chi’s petition will require the Government to respond. The petitions committee will then consider the response and can recommend further action including scrutiny by a Select Committee or a Parliamentary Debate.
  • An E-Petition on the Parliament website   would guarantee a Commons debate if it received 100k signatures.  There is currently no such petition but  there is a significant backlog on EPetition Parliamentary Debates following the suspension of such debates due to the Covid crisis, and the Government refusal to assign more Parliamentary time.  Therefore Chi feels her petition will ensure a Government response in the shortest time frame.

4 thoughts on “Press Release: Chi to present petition to Parliament over Premier League

  1. Russell Cawthorn

    As chuffed as I am with the work the NUST have done especially in uniting the fanbase again. I also accept,after reading the response to questions posed by the NUST on behalf of its members and all NUFC fans to the PL .The PL have responded in a fair way to these questions although like many fans I suppose I don’t believe the PL on all its answers especially as it was so easy for anyone involved whether directly or by third parties to speak about the takeover via zoom or similar apps.

    The EPL however by allowing certain details to leak out hence giving 3rd parties plenty to feed on and comment on,did I think start many a debate in the press and on social media which were mainly against the takeover from the off.

    Make up your own minds but sign MP Chi’s petition . Its all we have left. Come on let’s smash the 1st petition of 110k,get ur mums,aunts,neices or anyone not particularly interested in football you might know to sign. Its about more than just football its about much needed INVESTMENT in our region. Something badly needed,even more so during and post covid-19.

  2. J Johnson

    the premier league process needs fully investigating as this has robbed the north east of much needed investment of which the government could not match, especially during a time of recession and Covid concerns.
    Saudi Arabia are a friend of the UK and their investment should be encouraged.
    There is something not right about this process as the takeover is the same structure which had already been approved as part of Manchester City’s takeover.

  3. michael tiplady

    the premier league needs investigating they have said there is no reason why the takeover should be stopped but we will not say it will or it wont be passed, there words

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