Premier League Petition

When Parliament Returns Chi will be presenting an official petition to the House of Commons calling for transparency and accountability from the Premier League. We want to know if you support this action and have provided the wording of that petition and an option for you to sign it below:

Premier League process transparency

To the House of Commons,

The petition of residents of Newcastle upon Tyne Central,

Declares that football is an important part of a city’s cultural identity and economy; further declares that football fans have little say in their club owners; notes that football ownership is determined by the Premier League’s Owners & Directors Tests; further notes that the Premier League do not provide updates to supporters about the progress of takeover bids; further declares that Premier League due process is opaque; further declares that the Premier League are not accountable to football supporters; further declares that the Premier League have failed to engage with fans; and further notes concerns that Premier League inactivity led to the collapse of the recent Newcastle United takeover.

The petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urges the Government to take action to review the way in which the Premier League assessed the recent Newcastle United takeover bid, to provide accountability to fans and local communities of clubs subject to takeover bids, with particular reference to Newcastle United, and to commit to a timescale for a fan-led review of football, as promised in the Government’s manifesto.

**By providing your postcode and relevant contact information, you are consenting to Newcastle upon Tyne Central Constituency storing your details and may share relevant information with your MP in line with parliamentary protocol. Your personal data will not be shared with any Government departments, local authorities or third parties, unless the reason for storing the data changes, in which case you will be notified and asked for formal consent. Your data will not be stored any longer than is required for the process of this campaign. You can find our privacy policy here: Privacy Policy**

134 thoughts on “Premier League Petition

  1. Stephen REDHEAD


  2. John Crooks

    Thank you for pursuing this matter. Whilst the football club is important, the town itself would have been the biggest winner in terms on investment, profile and resident morale.

    Please keep up the good work

  3. Neil Gregan

    Would also like to see an investigation to see if the P.L have broken any rules with regards to how they conducted the O&D test.

  4. Phil stone

    Thank you for taking this forward
    Us fans deserve respect, transparency and importantly answers. We must have a voice.

  5. Kelvyn Gracie

    It’s totally unfair that the people of Newcastle and indeed the North East in general will not benefit from
    the Saudi windfall. If we were a Manchester, London or Liverpool based club I don’t think they would be stopped.

  6. Chris Heron

    Thanks for taking the time to represent the city of Newcastle upon Tyne and beyond, in this petition for transparency from the Premier League with regards to the tabled bid to purchase Newcastle United, our club.

    Whilst the outcome of a potentially rejected bid would raise its own questions, with regards to competitivity and fairness within the English game, the sheer levels of arrogance and ignorance towards the match going fan has reached new heights in this latest debacle.

    It is time for a full review of ‘the beautiful game’, putting fans and communities back at the centre.

  7. Graeme Clark

    Transparency will allow we, the paying public to ascertain why there was no decision, and, if the request made to demonstrate distance between KSA and Pif was received – does the ODT allow the PL to 1. Request it 2. Ignore it 3. use it to prevaricate 4. Disqualify named parties because PL disagreed with content?

  8. Damon Douglas

    I agree with the points raised by Chi and I believe that there should be transparency on the PL takover process.

    The region desperately needs this kind of investment that the KSA promised.

  9. Ross Allen

    There needs to be a thorough independent investigation in the Premier Leagues handling of this issue. The collapse of the deal has deprived the club, city and region of much needed investment. When you have a willing seller, buyer and fanbase who want this sale how can it not be approved?The purpose of the O&D test is to protect the club. However it’s is unarguable that this deal was not in the best interest of Newcastle United which means the Premier League.

  10. Claire Marshall

    The premier league have treat thr NUFC takeover very unfairly there are many unanswered questions as to why our club cannot be where it is supposed to be (ie) on a competitive level so many things that do not add up regarding the way the takeover has been handled by the premier league and fans have been kept in thr dark with no communication something has to be done.

  11. Sue Smith

    Thank you Chi – all Newcastle supporters appreciate your support and the efforts you have made to to resolve this situation .

  12. John Heron

    I think it is critically important that we have transparency and accountability in how this process was conducted.As a Newcastle United supporter and from a Geordie family In diaspora I think it has been utterly disgusting the way the people that financially support the Premier League have been treated.It has been proved that rather than being at the centre of the game we love as they should be,fans are seemingly seen as an annoyance and hindering the aspirations of big business.

  13. Paul Sadler

    Thanks for taking this on Chi.

    This obviously concerned not only our club, and city, but the integrity of the game outside of Newcastle. Its quite aparrent an independent review is required.

    There has obviously been collusion with entities outside of the NDA bubble who have influenced the way that the EPL handled the O&D test.
    I’d suggest that the appointment of Mr. Hoffman to the board at the beginning of June was the catalyst in all of this.

    Kind regards

    P S Sadler

    1. Craig Hunter

      I totally agree with everything you say Mr Sadler,I have read the NUST statement following their meeting with tMr Masters of the PL,my conclusion is that Masters can say what he wants to the only way to get the truth is by an Independent Review of the whole process.

  14. Shaun

    Thank you Chi we must have better transparency from the Premier League. More so when they have been leaking information to the media, broadcasters etc.

  15. Alan Brown

    NUFC and the City of Newcastle upon Tyne have lost so much through the inaction of Richard Masters and the Premier League when dealing with the sale of Newcastle United. What should have been straightforward and done in weeks with the sale being allowed or denied, the Premier League appeared to do nothing – they made requests to the buyers which were answered and yet still no answer was forthcoming. Only after a response to a local MP did we find that Richard Masters had offered ‘arbitration’ – to what, when no decision (yes or no) had been made that needed arbitration! Outside influences appeared throughout this process and no answer has been forthcoming in how these influences affected the proposed sale – the most concerning is that certain members of the Premier League had made their views known. Again, Richard Masters did not answer this question directly, merely referring to ‘the rules do not allow it’ – they may not allow it, but the question still needs answering. As a supporter of NUFC for over 60 years, I have found the way that the Premier League and Richard Masters has dealt with this sale and the supporters to be insulting. It is no surprise that the buyers walked away from the deal when 17 weeks (and continuing!) had passed without any decision being made (or likely to be made). This is despite Richard Masters telling a House of Commons Select Committee that a decision would be made ‘shortly’ – was this an attempt to mislead this Committee. All I want is to be told of the reasons for delay and answer the questions that have been raised by MP’s, fans, Supporters Groups and others.

  16. Mr c Hopkins

    Just think that premiere league did not want the take over to happen from day one cause they where influenced by certain third parties that didn’t want it as well

  17. Notuntil Allchanges

    This debacle has left my mates and I numb to all things football, decades of supporting and following, with 13 years of this current owner, coupled with what seems crystal-clear favouritism for only the big clubs, that are all to happy to help protect themselves by stifling any further competition, that is also been backed up by the spineless cartel known as the Premier League!

    Yes, that’s it for me.

    Myself all my match going mates have had enough, s0d the lot of them!

  18. Richard Greenwood

    Thank you Chi for addressing this in the House of Commons.

    From day one of the approval requiring passing the owners and director’s test with the Premier League, I knew that it would never happen. They are not capable of making a decision and will wait until one of the parties drop out citing any excuse they can think up.

    The Premier League is not accountable or shows any transparency, and as long as this remains, nothing will change.

    Best regards

    Richard Greenwood

  19. robert elliott

    thanks for taking this on its about time the premier league stopped hindering the other clubs from taking on the top six , time for a change

  20. Anthony McIntyre

    Totally and utterly agree that outside entities (ie other premier league clubs) have had a massive say in this takeover process. The premier league is now effectively a closed shop! As ludicrous as it sounds, why not bulldoze 14 prem stadiums to the ground and let the so called six at the top just play amongst themselves every year because nobody else is allowed to challenge!

  21. Andy McLennan

    I find it exasperating and incredibly disappointing that a decision that has such significant ramifications for our football club as well as the wider community can be so easily shirked by the Premier League without there being any transparency as to what influence outside forces had

  22. Anthony Dixon

    I would like to know how the owners of Chelsea, Sheffield Utd and Man City breezed into the Premier League without so much as a murmer…with a lot of doubts about human rights, accusations of money and links to Governments but when it comes to Newcastle United it is none stop questions and accusations and suggestions and silence? Totally unfair and biased and has left a lot of fans disillusioned with the Premier League and it stands for going forward.

  23. Anthony higgins

    The lack of transparency, and silence from the EPL, has lead to all sorts of theories and rumours,(particularly post June 1st!!) we need to know what has happened … and the motivations behind these actions
    While this episode is about NUFC ( and our city / area) it is equally relevant for any club looking at a takeover in the future
    If it is true that outsiders / 3rd parties have had any say what so ever in this process then the EPL board needs to be held to account,

  24. Paul Wescott

    The more I read about the Premier League the less I believe that this is good for football in general within the UK. The proposed takeover of Newcastle United has exposed a secretive organization that appears biased towards a minority of members. The absence of diligence whilst overseeing the current Owners and Directors test is perceived by many to be almost criminal in nature. I therefore hope that your endeavors in Parliament will bring a level of clarity to the many unanswered questions, if not for the sake of fans of Newcastle fans, but for the integrity of football in general. Best wishes

  25. Liam

    If just 10% of what we’ve all heard is true, the league is rotten to the core. There’s no other way we can change this. If we want the beautiful game to survive then we must push back and call this for what it is. Many thanks to Chi for pushing this further.

  26. John Alan Brown

    Having already wrote my concerns to my local MP, I like thousands of others can only thank you for not letting this fiasco drop,

    Rgds John

  27. Douglas Claxton

    Hopefully we will have some information about this shambles that the premier league has inflicted on the north east. If this had been a London club or one of the top 6 clubs it would have gone through without any hold up or complaint.

  28. Darren Gladstone

    Thanks Chi. As much as the petition on Change was signed by over 100,000 football supporters I’m hoping this one garners more as we can finally have the collapse of the takeover, the lacking transparency within the PL & a certain member of the PL committee who was appointed in June, investigated and debated in government. Let’s go all the way on this as Newcastle & the surrounding area has missed out on massive investment by PIF & this is more pertinent now with businesses closing & redundancies hitting the North daily. Come on, let’s fight for this.

  29. Professor Douglas A Greenhalgh

    I am deeply concerned, and it is my humble view, that the whole problem is centred on the selling of TV rights by the Premier League of a geographical region “The Middle East” to an individual sovereign state when there are well known political tensions across the geographical region. It is, again my view, that this action by the Premier League has created a political situation which is now restricting what should be a commercial situation with respect to the ownership of NUFC.

  30. Nigel Ward

    If it have been West Ham utd , or any London club, it would have went straight through , thanks for your support.

  31. Pete Brown

    If there is corruption within the powers that be in the Premier league then transparency will weed it out and the sport will be all the better for it

  32. Matthew

    The premier league have not followed their own rules to cheat Newcastle as a city and football club out of investment, and there must be a public enquiry

  33. Simon Thomson

    I very much agree with the previous comment as I cannot get my head around the fact that the UK Gov is prepared to sell arms to Saudi Arabia but the premier league does not trust them with a football club, something has not been right about this whole process and the wall of silence from the premier league was totally disrespectful to the fans and the City and the region and the Premier League appear to be unacountable to anyone and that is a real worry.

  34. Graham Wilson

    Thanks for fighting our corner we appreciate – something really stinks why the deal didn’t go through – seems to me like the prem league don’t want any Compettion for the top 6. Thanks again,

  35. Jordan Knill

    Newcastle Utd fans nationwide deserve answers, explanations and reasons as to why we’ve been denied millions of pounds of investment in the club and the city.

    Simple as that.

  36. Jamie

    Someone cares.
    I’m a passionate Newcastle United fan living in Essex.
    My dad and family are from Newcastle and I love the club and city. My biggest upset was the fact that the city of Newcastle was losing out on investment, this is more than a football takeover its about making jobs and opportunities at a time where we are on our knees as a nation…

    Thank you so much God bless you

  37. Colin

    Far too many times bug businesses have not been held to account.

    Football has become a cancer all about money with little or no interest in those which helped it reached the heights its become.

    Newcastle United in the Premier League era helped established the brand and made those in power, extremely wealthy

    Regardless of whether Newcastle are competing at the top or at the bottom. As a club, we’ve always enhanced the profile of the Premier League.

    Therefore, the contempt they have shown the everyday fan is an absolute disgrace.

    And its not just about the treatment of Newcastle fans. But its indicative of how they treat all fans apart from those clubs at the top without any regard.

    There was no transparency or accountability. The PL wanted this to fall on its own sword to avoid the accountability of makinf a decision. There was no legal standpoint they could use to justify makiing a difficult decision. Therefore, just leaving this whole affair in a sorry state of limbo to provokea desired outcome in which they avoided taken responsibility.

    They are a disgrace to the game and totally represent everything which is wrong in business today, as well as modern football.

    Absolute disgrace.

  38. Andy C

    Hi Chi, thanks for taking up the mantle for all NUFC fans, it is much appreciated. I’m not sure whether you have seen Demba Ba’s comments on the BBC News feed regarding the issues facing the Uighur Chinese? I do wonder how come Southampton, West Brom and Wolves all have Chinese owners and there were no issues raised by any authorities about this at the time and no pressure was applied by the press nor the EPL. I don’t condone the actions of the Saudi Govt but for whatever reason we, as a country, are ‘happy’ to deal with the Saudi’s but are throwing Huawei out of our mobile platforms as we can’t, apparently, trust the Chinese Govt. It’s ok for likely state controlled Chinese to own our football clubs but not the Saudi’s. Mezit Osil was castigated for raising this issue but Arsenal distanced themselves from him: could it be because at the moment China is the biggest PL market …. just asking the question…. Does the EPL understand the definition of hypocrisy?

  39. Ray Bradley

    Thanks for taking this on Chi.

    We need people like you to put pressure on the EPL.

    I have a strong feeling the board have been pressured by a lot of outside influences,hence no transparency but a lot of obfuscation.

    The fact that they have dragged their heels, Over 4 months tells its own story no other club has had this intense scrutiny and animosity shown to it.


    Thank you for this.

    The only question that needs to be asked and answered by the Premier League is, given the information that was supplied by the consortium did the PL EVER intend to pass or fail the bid?.

    That is the one question that remains unanswered so far and is probably the most important question to be answered given the time (17 weeks) the PL had to consider the information presented to them


    Paul Smart

  41. M. Surtees

    The time frames from the PL were obviously designed to time out the bid a bit like MP’s talking out a private members bill they did not like. It seems to me they did not want Newcastle owned by a financial superpower so bent their rules to suit. The whole thing stinks and the truth will out in the end.

  42. Paul Denton

    Thank you for addressing this issue.

    I think the Premier league ought to be very careful how they insult KSA. Telling them they are not fit and proper for NUFC ownership yet welcoming Their £65bn 2030 UK investment vision is unbelievable.

    Surely the UK Government must step in to assure perspective is maintained.

    Something is not right in this whole affair and looking across other clubs and their owners will highlight there is something fundamentally rotten about the way NUFC are being treated.

  43. Luke Balatoni

    This should be used as an opportunity to reform football and curb the commercialisation of the league. Fans need representation at the very least in the FA/PL/EFL as well as their clubs. At some point we should have an actual stake in our clubs like they do in other countries.

  44. J jamieson

    A lot of supporters of NUFC which includes my full family household in Carlisle outside of Newcastle also send you our thanks. I have supported Newcastle all my life and don’t even visit my home town club.
    Newcastle is a giant and should not be treat this way. Keep up the pressure and good work on behalf of all supporters and a marvellous city.
    James jamieson

  45. Stephen Myers

    Dear Chi,

    They must be held to account for not addressing the issue of ‘Directorship’ on day one, before considering arguments against the ‘Crown Prince’ and the ‘Saudi State’… should have been clearly stated that he was…and therefore, the ‘Saudi State’ as ‘Chairman of PIF’ to be deemed a ‘Director’.

    For the ‘Premier League Executive’ to seek ‘Clarity’ from the consortium months into the ‘Owners and Directors Test’…without doubt shows negligence and abuse within the process….to the detriment of all residents of the City of Newcastle upon Tyne, who will not now benefit from the major investment and future business which would have come.

    Keep pushing for accountability Chi.

  46. Steven begg

    Not only would this of benefited our club as a whole.
    This would of benefited our city and in a time were we have just been hit with a recession this is like a massive boost which the city itself would of been invested in opening up new jobs and more income due to the popularity increase.

    We newcastle would of not only be recognised for party nights out but it could if been a statement of intent were globally newcastle would be put on a map.
    More tourists more income and more revenue

    This goes deeper than a club.
    This coukd benefit any team in our country but what is even worse is thay newcastle is a sleeping giant

    A gold mine waiting to explode.

    Yes the takeover would of had x amount of money but our loyalty our fan base
    Everything about our city is priceless.

    If thats not enough for any directors test than what is.

    Can u remeber all the other big take overs that has happened.
    No one has come out and committed to making this country better.

    Even look at machester city for start.

    I went for an away game and its stuck in a middle of an industrial estate nowere near the centre of manchester.

    There is no excuse about this.
    Put the GREAT back in BRITAIN or just make this another reason for why us home grown population despise this country

  47. James


    Thanks for taking the PL to task on behalf of the fans, not just Newcastle fans but all fans below the big influential clubs. We all know this would have been passed has this been a ‘big club’.

    The truth in this matter will only be found by chasing the money, of that I am sure. We don’t just need a review of PL process but also an open book accounting exercise of all those involved in making the decision including their relatives, Ltd companies etc. There’s something much bigger at play here and I believe the information available in the public domain doesn’t even come close to scratching the surface.

    I wish you the best of luck.


  48. Shaun Watson

    Brilliant news.. They should be held accountable for their actions. I recently noticed a reply to a recent communication between you and the EPL. Having had the opertunity to read and digest their reply to your questions, I noticed the ball being thrown back with answers indicating the collapse was the fault of the potential buyers among other things.

    Please press on and lets get this dirty business sorted.

    Kind Regards


  49. Martyn Hancock

    I sm a staunch NEWCASTLE UNITED supporter and i have gone on a roller coaster of emotions these past 3 plus months not knowing what the Premier League had decided
    Only to learn they hadn’t. So i want explanations and i believe the Premier League must include the fans in its deliberations and be clear.

  50. Johnny Conroy

    Being a Newcastle fan is tough going especially when apparently your a plastic band wagon supporter from another country. I am hurting just as much as any natural born Geordie. I love the city and people as much as the club and stadium. For me Newcastle is (was) the greatest city in the world. I say “was” because I feel Ashley’s drained the heartbeat and life out of a once buzzing multi national away fans dream of a place to go. I’m absolutely baffled the UK are heading for the worst recession in history and there is a chance for a city the size of Newcastle to emerge from the ashes. For the magpies to soar and the streets to fill with people from all over the world for the football and not just the legendary nightlife. There’s a chance to invest in the city, the stadium, the training facilities, the Geordie nation. A chance for jobs and publicity in a time when not just the North East need it but the premier league need it. The premier league for me is in a dour sorry state and it’s losing face because certain teams matter more than others. I genuinely cried when the deal fell through, I hope to cry again if by some miracle Bungling Boris and the rest of the UK parliament wake up and realise there’s a city at stake here not just a team. I’m not a glory hunting band wagon supporter. I’m a realist who wants to fall in love with football again. JC @thehikingmagpie

  51. David Woolley

    Thanks for keeping up the pressure. I hope you can get them out in front of a few questions, without lawyers.
    There is a bad smell about this and I’m sure that if a good journo was interested that there is something here.
    Mr Hoffman seems to be a conflicted character!

    David Woollley

  52. Alan Louis Thompson

    Thanks for giving the fans a voice. There is no clear and obvious reason why the takeover has not happened due to my understanding of of o&d test and if there was why take so long !! Causing stress + heartbreak to so many fans as well as all benefits that this takeover would have given the region

    Kind regards

    A . L Thompson

  53. Ian Smith

    Toon fans throughout the world do the right thing for the club we love and support season after season is it to much to ask the question WHY we are being put through this when all we want is answers

  54. Steven Clelland

    Delighted to hear that MP’s are listening to Newcastle fans and their concerns! Major issues with transparency by the EPL and its fit & proper owners test. Questions need to be answered fully & honestly why sections of the media have alleged to be briefed by sources involved in process and yet EPL keep claiming to fans confidential process and how arbitration can be offered before a decision is made by EPL?

  55. Ian Thomas

    Saudis not good enough to own Newcastle, but the government can deal in billions of £s in arms deals with them .Hypocrisy at the highest level.

  56. Osi

    Thank you Mrs Chi for taking this issue up because the way Premier league has handled this takeover deal is so bias, which makes them not too be straight forward at all. I strongly believe one of the Premier league board member once had a mis understanding with Newcastle long time ago so it was a retaliation not to make this takeover deal not to be possible any more.

  57. Paul Dolman

    Extremely disappointing both for the club and the region as a whole.
    From the outside it looks as though external influences ‘BEIN’ , ‘other premier League clubs’ have had an effect on the decision making which needs to be investigated as a matter of urgency.

  58. m j fowlds

    Newcastle Utd should be used as a political football they want to buy club Ashley wants to sell club what’s complicated about that

  59. Thomas Paul Bills

    Thanks for taking this on Chi
    What was the relationship between
    Mr Hoffman and Mr Keys what were the conversations about (Leaked information)

  60. mj fowlds

    Newcastle utd. should not be used as a political football they want to buy club Ashley wants to sell club what’s complicated about that

  61. Alan Clark

    Much like other football regulatory bodies – ie. FA, UEFA, & FIFA – the Premier League are not publicly accountable, and can pretty well do anything they wish with impunity.

    In effect, the fans are utterly powerless to influence the course of events, and yet remain the lifeblood of the game. Despite the overwhelming influence of media-based income these days the game is all about the fans. If the fans deserted the game the media interest would materially diminish.

    The present state of affairs, as exemplified by the Premier League’s handling of the proposed takeover of Newcastle United, is unacceptable and it is past time for the fans to have a more significant influence within the game.

  62. Chris Irving

    iIt is Such a shame the PIF Amanda Stavely & Reuben bros had to pull out of talks with EPL. The PIF founded in the early 1970’s have done world wide trade deals to the present day as a well established company. The letter MP chi onwurah sent to the EPL was well constructed Questionnaire unfortunately the Answers given by Richard Masters told us they couldn’t get passed Stage 1 on who was going to run Newcastle utd. After 17 weeks of talks i find that Astonishing .Reading between the lines this must fall in the World Trade discrimination act. The EPL Test must be scrutinised with a fine comb. Keep up the great work MP Chi Onwurah i find it heart warming the passion you have for Newcastle upon Tyne … The North East Region & of course Newcastle United. yours sincerely Mr C Irving

  63. John Carr

    The months of inaction and lack of information from the PL must make every NUFC fan and all football fans suspicious. If other PL clubs (so called big 6) really did interfere to stop the takeover, then this would be a cartel type of action and should be of interest to anticompetitive lawyers.

  64. Derick J Bland

    It’s the interfering from other clubs that concerns me a lot who’s pockets are the PL in and how is the PL and FA involved with other clubs mutual to the effects of clubs that have not got them in their pockets

  65. Gavin Vargas

    Thanks Chi
    Premier League is showing its anti-competitive side by siding with two clubs who could be challenged. Being controlled by stste (Qatar) and its broadcaster (Bein)

  66. Kevin Taylor

    Hi Chi thanks for this undertaking although I am not a constituent of yours (Ian Lavery Wansbeck) I appreciate your commitment to obtaining some honestly from a dishonest organisation. Keep up the great work.
    Regards Kevin

  67. David McAllister

    Once again our team, people, city, region and chance of regeneration have been slapped down. Please get this back on track.

  68. Paul mason

    I have followed NUFC since I was a child and have never seen them lift silverware it would be nice just to see them lift a cup before I meet my maker

  69. maurice brown

    I just can’t understand how the PIF. which is a major share holder in many companies such as BP. Carnival Cruising and many more companies, aren’t considered to be fit and proper persons according to the premier league.

  70. michael gardiner

    The premiership’s secret owners and directors test and the exclusion of the fans from updates or respect to give them answers; I’m signing this petition to change this process. I think fans should be consulted about who wants to own their club and the test needs overhauling so genuine bids are not stalled and the test is crystal clear what are the grounds for refusal. This takeover has been a debacle, and should lead to legal action by the PIF against the premiership.

  71. Leslie Sloan.

    The premiership’s conspiracy of silence followed by platitudes is a true reflection of the organisations lack of integrity.

  72. John dixon

    We need answers to why the premier league has refused to give a decision either way keeping the O&D test in a stalemate is disrespectful to the Newcastle fans

    Arbitration cannot be achieved unless a decision has been made

    The PL NEED to answer why it has taken so long to provide any response

    Thank you for your help and support of our amazing club

    1. david render

      The hope was go to arbitration, and the buyers loosing, then if they win, find anouther sticking point that requires anouther arbitration process. And rince and repeat. If every step then needs arbitration it can be dragged on forever. We need an answer why masters misled and lyed to parliament when he said shortly, then he told Chi they had just started the process.

    2. Kelvyn Gracie

      The EPL first priority should surely be to guarantee fairness to fans, but no the would rather be judge and jury in order to protect the golden teams

  73. Neil Forster

    Thank you for doing this Chi,it means a lot to the people of Newcastle and football fans of NUFC.It would be interesting to see what the reaction from the premier League would be if the saudis came in for another club. Surely the same thing would happen???? OR NOT!

  74. Trevor Arkle

    Thank you for your support god knows the Q/A are becoming a serious issue of morality ethics and standards that have clearly been discarded as futile and will blow way ,

    However the PL have clearly not anticipated the enormous response from Inside the region and outside support

    The fight must continue until we succeed in obtaining clarity to the way forward to allow the ultimate goal PIF investment into NUFC and overall the region

    Truly best of luck show True Geordie Grit
    Trevor Arkle

  75. Chris

    Thankyou Chi..
    For standing up for NUFC.
    There are many others with strong connections to the club who aren’t doing or saying enough. And I include ex players who took a lot from the club and gave little in return. So thanks for trying.

  76. Gavin Keith

    Petition signed- Please make the Premier League give a fully transparent answer and lay out the criteria for this bid and subsequent bids to pass the Owners and Directors tests. How can you have secret tests that no one knows what the requirement for passing is ?
    If all information has been supplied and all relevant criteria met, how can a bid then fail ? And if it does, surely the process and subsequent answer is very swift

  77. Chris Weatherby

    Amazing job Chi, pushing this all the way, I’m a north east man living on the south coast. Wrote to my MP down here, didn’t even get a response. Thanks for everything

  78. Jean Jackson

    I thought recent events had demonstrated clearly to the club and the Premier League how important fans are to their business. Keep up the good work Chi.

    Jean Jackson, season ticket holder, Stoke-on-Trent.


    Thank you for your hard work in trying to get a solution to this problem good luck you will need it
    with masters he just does not want to know about little NEWCASTLE UNITED

  80. Paul carrick

    Thank you for your help.. I would like the PL to explain why they allow Man.u to receive millions each year from the Saudis but not allowing the take over of NUFC , an area which is in desperate need of investment, more than any other team in PL . Many thanks ..TOON TILL I DIE ?

  81. Kevin Hall Atkinson

    In these days of uncertain times certain areas need investment. Investment not only in the north east but in other areas too. The government on this occasion could have stepped in, instead the EPL dragged their feet knowing full well that the offer on the table would eventually be taken away. Thus showing the fans their total disrespect for us and also the generous offer from the proposed buyers. The EPL needs to take a long look at themselves. Masters must come out be crystal clear or walk……..

  82. Marc Hodges

    By restricting access to this market (without explanation) surely The Premier League are contravening EU competition law.

    It’s one thing to disapprove of a potential buyer, it’s another to manipulate the buying process to exclude them.

  83. Chi Office Post author

    Sarah Michele Selston I’m not a NUFC fan, but after the debacle and almost losing my club, Portsmouth because of dubious transactions, want to be owners not being totally transparent, one of our owners stole from his wife to buy the club, I believe the FA have a duty of care to clubs, players and fans to be transparent. Check potential new owners credentials, don’t just skip over them. Answer the fans questions. Stop hiding what they don’t like because it doesn’t suit their ideals.

    1. david render

      In our whole area as we couldn’t make a good team by combining them.
      And our area needs investment that this takeover would bring, Tyneside, wearside & Durham would all benefit.

  84. Peter Vendittelli

    At a difficult time for everyone this group were willing to invest money into North East of England not just buy new players!
    We must attempt to resurrect the deal if possible?
    Thanks for your good work.
    Peter V.

  85. Esmond Martlew

    I agree with your petition for 2 reasons.

    1) The Saudi’s have said the will redevelop parts of the Northeast.

    2) Invest in Newcastle United football club.

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