MPs Report November 2014

Newcastle United Supporters Trust launch of partnership with local credit unions

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Dear Newcastle November 2014

Like the Olympics, Fenwicks Christmas windows just get better and better, it always gives me pleasure to see the eager queues of parents and children – well perhaps the children are more eager than the parents – patiently waiting their turn to see this year’s wonderland. Elsewhere the news is more mixed. The 41% cut in central Government funding to Newcastle City Councils is affecting important services like Surestart and bin collection. I am pleased that unemployment has fallen in Newcastle but worried that ordinary people just aren’t seeing any improvement in their livings standards. Indeed it seems to be getting worse. David Cameron might think things are getting better, but most people I speak to are worried about their jobs, their wages and their children’s futures. People ask me why they’re facing cuts to working tax credits whilst those at the top get a tax cut, why they are on zero hours contracts while some at the top seem to get away with paying zero tax, why they’re paying the bedroom tax whilst the Chancellor goes to Brussels to defend bankers’ bonuses. It’s time to end that zero-zero economy that’s created a deeply unequal, deeply unfair country that says ‘as long as those at the top are doing ok, our country is doing ok too’. Labour is committed to making a real difference to people’s lives. With Ed Miliband as Prime Minister we’ll raise the National Minimum Wage to £8 an hour, ban exploitive zero hours contracts, and cut the deficit more fairly by ensuring those with the broadest shoulders bear a greater burden – increasing taxes for those earning £150,000 or more. And there will be other measures to tackle the cost of living crisis such as a freeze energy bills until 2017, cutting business rates, creating extra apprenticeships and building thousands more new homes every year. Labour’s vision is one where everyone who works hard is rewarded and markets are reformed so that vested interests serve the public and not the other way round.

Shadow Ministerial Role

The Digital Government Review Report has been drafted and will be launched in London on November 25th. We are looking at a Newcastle launch in the New Year. I spoke for the frontbench on 28 Oct on Copycat Websites (Government Services) in Westminster Hall, demanding that the Government take action to stop people being ripped off.

Backbench and Constituency Role

Wonga announced that they will remove their emblem from children’s replica shirts. Whilst we have to wait for the 2016 season, it is an important step forward. We still have a long way to go, however, before we have a sponsor Newcastle can be proud of. Wonga announced the change the same day Newcastle United Supporters Trust launched a partnership with local credit unions, which I was very happy to support On 6 October 2014 I raised Ada Lovelace day and the ICT gender balance at  Women and Equalities questions and Online Access for Disabled People at DCMS questions. On 13 October 2014 I raised the RVI’s role in an Ebola outbreak, and received a letter from the Secretary of State outlining the measures taken at the RVI, now up at   I questions Ministers in the Chamber on 5 November 2014 about Palestinian civil society and intervened in the debate on Local Bus Services in support of Quality bus services in Tyne and Wear. I asked on 3 November 2014 about Working Families (Benefits) and on 30 October 2014 about the difficulties farmers are facing signing on for their electronic CAP applications. I spoke in Bridget Phillipson’s Transport in the North-East [Westminster Hall] debate raising quality contracts, pacer rolling stock and cycling. I announced the winner of my Open Constituency Data competition, Anthony Macey I was asked by Forward Thinking to travel to France to discuss Palestinian Recognition with French deputies and officials. I visited three primary schools – Stocksfield Avenue, St Johns and St Josephs, to hear the challenges they face and discuss the role of an MP.


  • Quoted regularly in local media including Journal and Chronicle, and other media outlets particularly around Wonga. COVI interview, Published blog on digital skills in the public sector
  • Gabriella Giovinchi internship came to an end, we were sad to see her go.
  • I continue to receive a huge volume of letters, emails and phone calls, over 2500 per week. We are looking carefully at organisation for the election period.


Meeting, Visits & Speaking Engagements:

Meetings and visits: Northampton University, Bishop Martin, Vhils, Creative England, Unison, Breast Cancer Care, McAfee, Association of North East Councils, Newcastle Hospitals Trust Medical Physics Department, Newcastle City Council Urban Traffic Management Unit, Irish Ambassador, Royal Society of Chemistry, eDreams, CDC, the Guardian, Mortimer Spinks, Three, Newcastle University Digital Civics Newcastle Hong Kong Protesters Support Group, PACT, Coop Party, Cofley GDS Suez, Clousten, Open Forum, Big Bang @Parliament, Forward Thinking, Michel Rocard, Philip Cordery, French Foreign Affairs MENA department, National Assembly Foreign Affairs Select Committee< National Federation of Occupational Pensioners, Vocalink, Santander, Heart Valve Voice, Patchwork Foundation, Anneliese Reinemeyer, Adam Collerton, SENSCOT, NECCNHS Mental Health Trust CEO, EEF, Youth Work Week to Space2, Remembrance Sunday Service, Eon, STEMnet Awards, PSNGB, Weownit, OpenUP? Conference, Ignite Campus North, Think Physics at Northumbria University, Jeremy Greenstock, Northumbria UNA Speaking engagements: World Mental Health Day at Monument, North East UCU Black History


Think Physics at Northumbria University

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