A wonderful morning at the Angelou Centre

A wonderful morning with the leadership team the Angelou Centre discussing their work raising employability skills & supporting victims of violence against women.

Labour have outlined a package of measures to provide sweeping reforms to sentencing & protection for women and girls.


The Angelou Centre

17 Brighton Grove, Fenham

Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 5NS

The Angelou Centre offers a range of holistic women-only services for black and minoritised women across the North East. The organisation remains unique as one of the few remaining black and minorititised-led women’s organisations in the north east of England, providing specialist support for black and minoritised women and children, locally, regionally and nationally. Over the last year the Angelou Centre has provided a range of services that meet the needs of black and minority women and children in three distinct areas: Training and Development, Ending Violence Against Women and Girls, Wellbeing & Inclusion.

Tel:0191 226 0394

Email: admin@angelou-centre.org.uk

For more information: https://angelou-centre.org.uk/




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