Tories in 13 years have cut £300 million from Newcastle City Council Council’s budget and totally failed to provide the services people need

Under the Tories, there are primary school children in Newcastle who over their entire lives have seen parents, aunts, uncles, brothers & sisters all get poorer.

  • Half of the children in #Newcastle live in poverty
  • 100,000 people in the #NorthEast are forced to use food banks

Not only are wages lower, but the government has:

️ Cut £300 million from Newcastle City Council Council’s budget.

  • Reduced buses and worsened route reliability in Newcastle.
  • Increased train fares.

Left 7 million people on the waiting for NHS treatment and increased the A&E waiting times.

After 13 years of Tory economic failure what Newcastle Central desperately needs – is change.

In the North East real terms wages are on average 3% lower today than when Labour left office in 2010.

Prices have gone up. Wages have not.

Newcastle Central deserves a Govt they can partner with to deliver jobs, growth and innovation.

Labour will secure the highest sustained growth in the G7 through our long-term industrial strategy and unleash the potential of the North East.

This Government just starves it.



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