Iran – death penalty being given to those who claim basic human rights


The prospect of the Iranian regime executing 1000s of brave women & girls for protesting horrifies & oppresses us all. I asked what the Government was doing to ensure that every protest, every arrest, and every death threat receives global attention.


Chi Onwurah 

(Newcastle upon Tyne Central) (Lab)

Many constituents have contacted me in support of the brave women and girls and their allies protesting in Iran, and that was before the latest despicable attack on them. The death penalty is being given to who claim basic human rights. Next weekend, I, like many women, will be marching to reclaim the night. Such a protest attracting the death penalty would oppress and silence us all. What will the Minister do to ensure that every protest, every arrest, every act of torture and every threat of death receives global attention, and how does slashing the BBC Persian radio service contribute to that?



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