Ambulance and A&E Delays

3,000 of those who visited RVI in May had to wait for over 4 hours, some wait 7 hours, I’ve constituents being told they have to wait 11 hours for an ambulance. I asked Minister if she thought it was negligent to leave our #NHS in this state, she said things were bad in Scotland too… 


Chi Onwurah 

(Newcastle upon Tyne Central) (Lab)

Of the 22,000 people who visited Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary A&E in May, 13%—more than 3,000 people—faced a wait of more than four hours. In the last month, people were facing waits of seven hours, and constituents with rapid heart fluctuations were told that they faced a wait of 11 hours for an ambulance and that they needed to get a cab. Is not it negligent of the hon. Lady’s Government to leave our NHS unable to protect my constituents, particularly facing a heatwave, and what is she going to do to ensure that they have the resources necessary?





2 thoughts on “Ambulance and A&E Delays

  1. J. Greenwood

    I think the nightingale hospitals that were built for corvid should be reactivated and used for more routine an and e admissions where intensive care or life threatening injuries and ailments are needing treatment.
    This would surely free up much needed services like ambulances.

    1. Chi Office Post author

      Thank you for your message, about the failure of covid19 testing.
      Your unacceptable experience has been reported by other residents to Chi several times and has been taken up with the Minister.

      Chi doesn’t use this website for constituency work or parliamentary communication as she believes it is not secure enough, as she would need your address.

      If you are a constituent please email her on

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