Ambulance and A&E Delays

3,000 of those who visited RVI in May had to wait for over 4 hours, some wait 7 hours, I’ve constituents being told they have to wait 11 hours for an ambulance. I asked Minister if she thought it was negligent to leave our #NHS in this state, she said things were bad in Scotland too… 


Chi Onwurah 

(Newcastle upon Tyne Central) (Lab)

Of the 22,000 people who visited Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary A&E in May, 13%—more than 3,000 people—faced a wait of more than four hours. In the last month, people were facing waits of seven hours, and constituents with rapid heart fluctuations were told that they faced a wait of 11 hours for an ambulance and that they needed to get a cab. Is not it negligent of the hon. Lady’s Government to leave our NHS unable to protect my constituents, particularly facing a heatwave, and what is she going to do to ensure that they have the resources necessary?





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