When will Newcastle get buses of same quality & price as London?

Buses are so important in #NewcastleCentral yet too often my constituents are left waiting for overpriced bus services that might not turn up & its getting worse!   But the Minister couldn’t tell me when or if we will ever get bus services similar in price & quality to London’s


Chi Onwurah 

(Newcastle upon Tyne Central) (Lab)

Bus services are critical transport infrastructure in Newcastle, but too often my constituents are left waiting for long periods at bus stops for high-priced bus services, not knowing when the buses are going to come. That is only getting worse, with price increases and service cuts. When—I want a date, not talk about the Bus Back Better fund, because that is not going to do it—will my constituents get bus services of the same affordability and quality as London’s? A date, please.



Parliament TV:

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