We must stand by the people of Ukraine

In seeking to redraw the boundaries of Europe through bloodshed, Putin has attacked not only Ukraine but all of us, and we stand with Ukraine in standing for the rule of law.

The actions we take against Russia need to reflect the gravity of their actions against Ukraine.  Unfortunately, Boris Johnsons response to Keir Starmer at #PMQs demonstrates a clear reluctance to strengthen them. In the interests of all our security he must be made to do so.

I questioned the PM about Russian disinformation. Putin’s attack on Ukraine is an attack on all of us. I welcome the sanctions finally announced but was concerned the PM didn’t understand the nature & extent of state-sponsored Russian disinformation.

I raised a question about Ukraine on Thursday. My constituents are horrified to see the ordinary working people of Ukraine waking to Putin’s invasion. Generous Geordies will want to help, so I asked for a debate on the ways we can support Ukraine and root out Russian #dirtymoney

The people of the Ukraine woke up invading forces from their neighbour Russia, seeking to change the borders of Europe through military force.  My thoughts are with the Ukrainian people. We must stand by them.

House of Commons record in HANSARD:

Chi Onwurah

(Newcastle upon Tyne Central) (Lab)

In seeking to redraw the boundaries of Europe through bloodshed, Putin has attacked not only Ukraine but all of us, and we stand with Ukraine in standing for the rule of law. I welcome the sanctions that the Prime Minister has announced, but I was confused by his response on Russian disinformation, which he seemed to imply would be addressed by the online safety Bill. That is many, many months away. Russian disinformation is organised; their bots are state-sponsored. What steps will he take to address that?



My constituents in Newcastle, like those of Members across the House, are horrified to see ordinary working Ukrainian people waking to Putin’s invading forces. Generous Geordies will want to help. Can we have a debate on how local communities such as mine in Newcastle can help and support Ukrainian people and how the Government can root out Russia’s dirty money and provide clean, good money for humanitarian support?



Despite the Russia report, despite the Opposition’s calls and despite the Government’s promises, the UK remains a destination for Russian dirty money and influence. The Minister says that the promised sanctions legislation will be in place this afternoon, although it has not been published, we are rising for recess and there is no time for a debate. Will he explain to me how we will be able to demonstrate that, as he says, sanctions will be put in place should there be any incursion or action by Russia? That is of the utmost importance to our national security and our standing.





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