Government bus funding is to be cut in half

In #NewcastleCentral we’ve been waiting 7 years for real time, integrated bus info only to be told Government bus funding is to be cut in half.

I told the Minister we were sick of being under served, over charged and under informed on buses but he seemed to think it was all a big joke!

Chi: ” I don’t think our #busservices are good enough as they are – and now they’re going to get even worse. Levelling up? You’ve got to be kidding! ‘Decimation’ of North East bus services now imminent


Chi Onwurah    (Newcastle upon Tyne Central) (Lab)

In Newcastle, we have been waiting seven years—seven years—for real-time integrated bus information of the type that Londoners take for granted. Now we hear that the £3 billion bus improvement funding is less than half that, and much of that is going on zero-emission buses, meaning even less money for our bus improvement plan, which includes real-time information. Will the Secretary of State commit to levelling up bus transport in the north so that we are no longer under-served, overcharged and underinformed?

What steps he is taking through the levelling-up fund to improve transport infrastructure in the north of England. (905187)


Chi Onwurah calls on government to level up bus services in Newcastle

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