HGV Driver Shortages – since 2015

Emails from Constituent raising HGV driver shortage and lack of help to obtain a HGV License:

Sent: 06 July 2015 14:15
Subject: Re: re HGV training

Thanks for your considered reply. I have spoke with the DWP on a few occasions and they will only offer funding when a job offer is in place. I contacted them again today after reading your reply.

There is absolutely no question that there is a skills shortage in this area, which has been confirmed by each HGV firm I have spoken to. I also linked to last weeks article in the Guardian which outlined the shortage of drivers (class 1) currently in the UK.

However the DWP need a job offer in writing before any potential funding would be released, for which, I would firstly need my licence.  Catch 22.

This I understood already. However, I’m convinced that someone, somewhere, DWP or otherwise, has access to or knowledge of funding for non vocational training. It’s just not discussed, advertised and has been placed in a black box to sit on an obscure shelf away from the public gaze.

For that reason, I thank you for your enquiry directed to the DM and I will continue to search for an opportunity.

Many thanks,



Sent: 25 June 2015 11:55
Subject: HGV Question.

Hi Chi,

As my local MP, would you know of any any funding available that will help me to take an HGV class 1 course here in the North East.? It seems quite pertinent at the moment, having just read this article in the Daily Mail.


I have a HGV cat C licence, but understand that there is a big shortage of Cat C+E (articulated HGV) drivers nationally. The barrier is the £1500 cost of the training course plus the CPC requirement.

I have approached a few local firms to enquire about any in house or part funding available, as well as the DWP along with an extensive internet search, but with no success. I’ve managed to save £300 so far and continue to add to this small pot slowly each month. But its tough!

I was hoping you may be able to sign post me or offer any inside advice about possible funding for this area, that may be in the pipeline or difficult to otherwise source.

Yours sincerely,




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