Covid jab at the Eagles Arena.


Chi receives jab her at the Eagles Arena.

Today Chi Onwurah, MP for Newcastle Central, took her turn to receive the covid19 vaccination at the Eagles Arena in Newcastle.

Chi was able at a social distance to meet the Clinical Director, NHS and Tyne and Wear Fire Service staff, as well as many of the local volunteers as she was shown how the site was organised to enable many residents of Newcastle to be safely and speedily vaccinated.

After her vaccination and visit Chi said:

“I am so happy I have had my vaccine!

“ Constituents had told me how well organised the vaccinations were at the Arena but I was still impressed by the warmth of the support, the guidance offered and the  speed of pain free vaccination I received.

“ The covid safety awareness and precautions on site were obvious to anyone and   immediately helped me feel safe and relaxed.

Ms Onwurah added:

“ I would encourage everyone to take up the offer to get a covid jab as it is a simple and safe process with enormous benefits to the individual, their family and friends, as well as to the communities in which we live.


Information for Editors:

  • Chi received the AstraZenica vaccine
  • NHS covid vaccinations information:

  • Photos attached:
  • Chi receiving her jab
  • Chi with Christian Townend, Chief Executive of Newcastle GP Services



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