Press Release – Chi welcomes committee decision to strip Weinstein of royal honour

Chi welcomes committee decision to strip Weinstein of royal honour


Newcastle Central MP Chi Onwurah has welcomed today’s decision by the Honours Forfeiture Committee to strip Harvey Weinstein of his CBE, following his conviction of three counts of sexual assault and rape in New York in March.


Ms Onwurah first wrote to the then Prime Minister Theresa May in 2017 and has since repeatedly written to the Honours and Appointments Secretariat demanding Weinstein be stripped of his honour, most recently in February this year.


Chi said “I am pleased that Mr Weinstein has finally been stripped of his CBE following his appalling crimes. It is about time that this action has been taken, three years after I first wrote to the Prime Minister and the MeToo movement spread across the world. This is not only an issue of justice for his victims, or the reputation of the UK honours system, it is also an issue of safety in the workplace: whether on a film set or a shop floor, the workplace must never be a safe space for sexual predators. I am glad that the decision to strip him of this honour has finally been made.”


The decision was made at today’s Honours Forfeiture Committee meeting which was arranged to discuss the recipients who have brought shame to the system.


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