Food delivery contacts – Newcastle area

Food delivery contacts – Newcastle area

These are organisations / people who are doing food delivery in different parts of Newcastle . These are some I am been informed about that others have used. You will need to check their website, phone number, delivery details and charges – some might have changed. Some operate by website, phone, email, facebook site – you need to check. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list but an initial guide for basics. There will be specialists & others to be found on the internet and by asking friends and family. This list focusses on basic foods, but many places are also offering takeaway food and deliveries.

Blagdon Farm Shop   Tel 01670 789924

Cafe 1901 Meals and grocery essentials (meals, soups, bread pastries, four, coffee, tins, household, cheese, eggs, milk, fruit and veg)                        Tel 0191 3409774

Charlotte’s Butchery 15, Ashburton Road, Gosforth   Tel 0191 2851988   Mob 07908838479

Coppers at Gosforth 17 Princes Road, Brunton Park Convenience store and off-licence now does deliveries     Tel 0191 2170043

Donald Gilberts Butchers Unit 18, Gosforth Shopping Centre, Gosforth   Tel 0191 2132901

Grainger Market Delivery – Fruit & veg, baked goods, meat, sausages, fish , cheese, deli, milk, eggs Facebook site

Greenwells fruit, veg, eggs, preserves, cheese 19, Ashburton Road, Gosforth   Tel 0191 2850376

Hillheads Farm, Backworth   Tel 0191 2683841

Ken Holland Veg and salad box    Tel 07983 350826

Mocha Mondo coffee   Uses Royal Mail. Fresh ground coffee/ coffee beans and chocolate   Tel 01665 714767

Moorhouse Farm Shop   Tel 01670789350

Northumbrian Free Range Eggs – Eggs, fruit and veg box Facebook site

Toby Davison Smiths Fruit and Vegetables – will deliver a bag of fruit and veg and include basic groceries (bread, butter, sugar, eggs, coffee) Tel 07919 001786

Tyneside FoodService, online wholesaler Tel 0191 4146000

Wilde Farm – meat, veg, eggs, honey, cheese, coffee, chocs, check out their website

A number of taxi firms are partnering up with fruit and veg wholesalers to deliver directly to people who are vulnerable and unable to get to the shops (eg Blueline)

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