MP’s Report April 2020

Dear Newcastle 17th April 2020

It seems amazing to think that just a month ago we were living in a world where you could pop into the library on your way to work and go to the gym on your way back all whilst planning a visit to family for Easter … now the country is in lockdown, hundreds are dying from corona virus every day, millions not working, the economy is halted, low paid carers, supermarket workers and bus drivers are now frontline heroes and no-one is going anywhere.

Sacred Heart High School visit

The Government has taken some welcome steps to support individuals and businesses. But their response has often been slow and messages mixed. I applaud all the work our front line heroes are doing and the sacrifices they are making. I believe the least we can do for them is ensure they have the right protective equipment, but I have been contacted on a daily basis by nurses, medics, carers and key workers who don’t have the equipment they need to protect themselves and us. That is why I have written to the Care Minister, to ask the ten key questions care workers are asking me.

In these difficult times we all need to be doing everything we can to look after each other. Newcastle City Council have a website to for those who want to help – and for those who need help. It’s very easy to register . My office has seen a huge rise in constituency casework at the same time as all staff have done a fantastic job in adapting to working from home. We are still taking phone calls and answering emails though there may be some delay because of the volume of issues.

Parliament being in recess limits our ability to hold Government to account. I think it is important that we return, whilst maintaining social distancing, and have therefore been leading calls for a Digital Parliament. I am pleased to say that on Wednesday we should see the first PMQs with MPs working from home! Then I can get back to raising your issues in Parliament with Ministers.

At the Centre for Life

Backbench and Constituency Role
  • We have identified key areas of support and information on the Coronavirus outbreak to be able to share with constituents. We have made progress in helping constituents stranded abroad, or left without support here in Newcastle.
  • Surgeries have moved online using zoom and phone calls. I have offered zoom calls with all the community groups I am aware of and had some take up.
  • I have been campaigning for a digital parliament – 150 MPs sign a letter from me to the Clerk of the House of Commons.
  • I have written numerous letters to various Ministers for clarity or support on Coronavirus issues. I have also written to various companies who appear to be flouting social distancing guidelines in the work place.

With Scientists from Newcastle

Coronavirus outbreak has led to much new correspondence, including with Ministers on PPE for social care, Nightingale Hospital in the North East and workplace social distancing. I am also in correspondence with many employers on the policies they have in place to support their employees. I have also raised the issue of mobile digital access for vulnerable groups. I continue to engage with Ministers  or Government Agencies on Litter, Long Term Support for Victims of Operation Sanctuary, Newcastle United Finance, Weinstein, support for Digital Products and  Algorithms in the Home Office, with Ipsa on Relocation, with the Council on Homelessness and with LNER and Nexus  on Disability Access

  • Asked 24 written questions:

At the Elevator Festival

Shadow Ministerial and PES Role
    • The issue of Huawei and 5G was raised in the  Telecoms Infra Bill Committee and Third Reading. The Government majority was slashed to 24. That was the last time we voted.
  • The entire team has moved to home working which is a significant achievement. We are meeting by zoom and sharing information and work flow in new ways in order to deal with the changing demands on all of us.

Quoted frequently in local and national media including BBC Politics North and Sky on a Digital Parliament.

With University of Newcastle STEM student

Meetings and visits

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