Chi confirms she is seeking reselection

Dear friends

As you may know Monday was the deadline for Labour MPs to tell the party whether or not they wished to seek reselection as a candidate.  I have now confirmed my desire to stand.
As Theresa May gives way to whichever, privileged, entitled man the handful of Tories eligible to vote chose, our country moves further to the right and continued  misery.

Whatever Tory members do, I will seek your support for reselection as the Candidate for Newcastle Central so that I can help Labour bring about the change our country desperately needs: for the many, not the few; hope not  division; investment in our communities and in our future instead of the endless grinding away of austerity, a sane path forward toward a productive relationship with the EU, ratified by the people as a whole, rather than a no-deal hard right Brexit foisted on us by a handful of Tories.

On September 16th it will be exactly ten years since I was first selected to be the parliamentary candidate for Newcastle Central.  Much has changed during that time. We have had a decade of austerity, lives blighted and indeed lives lost because of devastating Tory cuts to public services. Newcastle City Council has lost half its central government funding and the results can be seen on every street corner and in every surgery.

Representing the people I grew up with in the greatest city in the world is a huge honour as well as a huge responsibility.  Every day since you first chose me to stand for Labour I have seen  the need grow for a government for the many, not the few.  I remain overwhelmed by just how much difference it makes to have a strong Labour voice in Newcastle Central, for our Party and for our community.

As MP I have always sought to meet the commitments I gave when I was first selected. To stand up for Newcastle, for Labour values and for socialism.  To be a voice for all the people of Newcastle Central and to champion their  well-being in every way. I have recorded and published details of my casework, meetings and activities and conducted open recruitment policies as I promised to. Week in, week out, I am to be found knocking on doors in every community of our constituency.

The last few months have been very difficult and frustrating with Parliament paralysed by Brexit, rumour and plot. The country is at a pivotal point in its history. So too is Labour. We have radical policies which can really change people’s lives, my work as Shadow Minister for Industrial Strategy, Science & Innovation is to set out ways we will democratise innovation, industry and the wealth it creates, building an economy that works and cares for the many.  We need a Labour Government to deliver for people.  I believe I can make a significant contribution to achieving that.

I hope to have your support in seeking to continue to represent Newcastle Central in a Labour Government.

During September Party branches will be asked to meet to vote whether to endorse me as the candidate. I hope you will decide to do so. If you have questions or concerns please contact me.

Best wishes


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