Brexit residents views January to 26 March 2019

All correspondence on Brexit in 2019 up to 26th March  Total: 546

Backing Remain in EU  Total: 234

Backing a People’s Vote  Total: 196

Backing May’s Deal  Total: 17

Backing Leave with No Deal  Total: 65

Give MPs a say on alternative Deals – 34


2 thoughts on “Brexit residents views January to 26 March 2019

  1. Elaine Armstrong

    Thanks for this Chi – I think this categorically shows that your constituents wish to stay in the EU. You need to fight for this via a second vote. Thank you for consulting ‘the People’ again – your Westminster colleagues ought to be doing the same rather than continuing to repeat the Brexiters lies. If the House of Commons can have repeated votes on a daily basis then why can’t the people have a second vote after nearly 3 wasted years. The demographics have now changed considerably with more young people able to vote and some of the elderly not with us any more. Parliament need to consult with the voting public again before it is too late.

  2. Neil Fodor

    Holding an advisory “in/out” referendum was from the start a Tory internal fudge. At the time Labour said it was a bad idea.
    With this data on the views of your own constituents, and in the knowledge that the Article 50 petition is still rising even after Parliament debated it, we have the chance to acknowledge that Labour should not be buying into the internal May-Tory agenda of “delivering Brexit”.
    Democracy has moved on since 2015-16. Can Labour move on too?

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