Chi raises concerns after Discovery School announces closure

Chi Onwurah MP for Newcastle Central, said:

“  Having been informed by the Department for Education, I am very disappointed to learn of the closure of the Discovery School in Newcastle.

“ I visited the school two years ago and was impressed by the commitment of both staff and students to learning.

“ I have been assured that students taking exams will not be affected, but I realise this will place a great strain on them and everyone in the school.

“ It is very unfortunate that young people should face such a challenge during such an important time in their life.

“ I have been told that the Department, the school and Newcastle City Council are working together to provide places for all the students, and I understand only a small number of staff are affected.

“ I believe that with the UTC opening in September, young people in the region will have the opportunity of a world class STEM education between the ages of 14 and 18 in Newcastle.

“ My view is that the Government-required rush for free schools and academy trusts has resulted in schools with limited governance and which  are not fully rooted in the community.

” Oversight needs to provided at a more local level than Whitehall.

“ I am writing  to the Secretary of State to ask that lessons be learnt and try to ensure  students do not lose out in future.



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