Chi Sends Letter to Stagecoach North East on Problems with Services in Newcastle

One thought on “Chi Sends Letter to Stagecoach North East on Problems with Services in Newcastle

  1. David Small

    There are lots of problems with 39/40 routes from Wallsend/Walker to Chappel House and Dumpling Hall These buses are never on time and run in 3s and 4s together. I have had many many discussions with Stagecoach about this service there answer is to run LESS services by cutting them down to every 12 minutes instead of every 10 minutes which they say will help them to run to time. This is rubbish. I have asked then for over 3 years to run every other one of each service from the West End to the city centre and back to the west end. When Newcastle city council and Busways ran the buses they used to do this and it worked very well. Most of the people about 95% of the travelling public travel from the west end to the city and back again. Stagecoach agreed with me and said that it was a good idea but they will not do it. It seems to me that Stagecoach run their services for themselves and not for the travelling public. I wrote to them about this some weeks ago but they have not replied. Another service the X82 has also been changed it does not stop from Lemington Road Ends till Denton Burn Stagecoach said this was to help the buses run to time. It has not made any difference they still run late. A lot of old people used to get this bus from these stops into Eldon Square and now they can not and have to wait for service 39/40 while the X82 service passes these stops. Time Stagecoach listened to its public.

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