Chi seeks increased trade links with Nigeria

British High Commissioner welcomes the delegation to NigeriaBritish High commissioner welcomes the delegation to Nigeria

Chi seeks increased trade links with Nigeria

Chi Onwurah MP for Newcastle Central has visited Nigeria as part of an All Party Parliamentary Group mission together with a British businesses delegation to promote increased trade and investment between Nigeria and the UK.

Chi said:

“ We met with very senior Nigerian government ministers, including President Buhari and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Enyeama to discuss how trade could be stimulated in  interests of both countries.

“ I am keen to support action to promote British – Nigeria collaboration in technology and Culture, as both are major sectors which can provide significant economic opportunities.

Chi during the visit took the opportunity to highlight Newcastle by presenting a book ‘Newcastle then and now’ to the President, and ‘A guide to Newcastle’ to the Trade Minister.

Whilst in Lagos Chi held a round table with business leaders at the British Deputy High Commissioner’s residence. She felt it had been a lively, informed and practical debate on how Nigeria and UK, especially in the field of digital economies could work and grow together.

Ms Onwurah added:

“ Nigerian Ministers and businesses all stressed how much they would welcome much stronger  British business links. Nigeria they believe is open to doing business and are very keen to have a much bigger partnership and trading links with companies of all sizes based in Britain.

“ I hope some of the businesses here in the North East will take advantage of the large and  welcoming market in Nigeria.




Notes for Editors:


  • With around 173 million people, Nigeria is the largest country in Africa
  • Chi Onwurah worked in Lagos 2001-4 to build the first telecoms network across the very large territory of Nigeria.
  • President Buhari highlighted mutual opportunities when he received a team of British Members of Parliament led by Hon. Chi Onwurah. According to the President, Nigeria expects a firm partnership with Britain in Nigeria’s rebuilding process, due to the affinity shared by the two countries. “We are going to rebuild Nigeria, and there are vast opportunities for Britain and us.
  • NTA News 21 Feb 2016 The programme in this episode looked at the UK trade delegation that visited Nigeria on trade relationship between the two countries:

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