Chi’s speech at Newcastle Unites march

Good Morning Newcastle.

And to those who aren’t from Newcastle, a warm welcome if you come here to share our values. Strong communities working together.

Of respect, and understanding, freedom to express yourself through your religion or your views. Supporting the Muslims, and the Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs all religions and none.
And also looking out for each other – because that’s what we do.

But if you don’t share our values, if you come to sow division and hatred, those who come to set us against ourselves.

Those who seek to attack the place of Muslims in Newcastle.

Then for you I have an even warmer demand – to get the hell out of our city.

I am the MP for Newcastle. I am very proud to represent the people of Newcastle in Parliament.
And to stand here in solidarity and support for Muslims targeted by the vile and disgraceful message of Pegida.

Unlike Pegida, I was born on Tyneside. I grew up in Newcastle.

We have seen a rise in Islamophobic and antisemitic comments on social media in the past few months.
It takes me back.

“Most people in Newcastle understand that those who committed the Paris attacks are vile murderers and they are no more representative of Islam than the Ku Klux Klan of Christianity,” she said. “We’ve seen from the marches that EDL have organised, and the National Front and BNP before them, that they will attract some people. But there are far more people who stand against this kind of hatred.
Our message is about strong communities of all faiths and none living and working peacefully and positively together, their message is about hatred, bigotry and division. You will see that our message wins out tomorrow.

Newcastle is a city of diverse communities and shared values where we both respect and look out for each other.

We have a history of facing hard times together and growing stronger.

People coming from outside to spread a message of division and hatred are not welcome.

Pegida’s are targeting Muslims in our community and we have to stand up and say it is wrong, Islamaphobia is wrong, anti-semitism is wrong, all racism is wrong, we can do better than this, we have done better than this when we saw off the National Front and the BNP.

The idea that there might be children in Newcastle who feel unwelcome or unappreciated because of the religion ‎they practice I find absolutely obscene.

That is why I’ll be there on Saturday.

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