Chi secures assurances from Ordnance Survey on St James’ Park

Chi  has secured assurances from Ordinance Survey that they will not use Sports Direct Arena but will continue to use St James Park on its reference maps.

Chi said:

“  I am very happy that Ordinance Survey recognise the importance of St James’ Park and that they will be joining NUFC fans in keeping that name alive.

“They have said they take into account the name used by local people and they believe that Sports Direct Arena lacks ‘evidence of longevity and extensiveness of usage’.

Ordnance Survey have written to Ms Onwurah to confirm that St James’ Park is regarded as a significant landmark and they take into account local usage including by the City Council, who have already expressed their strong desire to retain the name of St James’ Park.

Chi added:

“  I will now be writing to Google and others organisations to seek to ensure that whenever people see Newcastle on a map they see St James’ Park.

“ It is an important part of our city’s heritage and should be recognised as such”.

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