Geordie Shore: Letter from Christopher Woolard, Group Director Ofcom & Chi’s Response

You can read Mr Woolard’s letter here.

And Chi’s response:

28 October 2011

Mr Christopher Woolard
Group Director
Riverside House
2a Southwark Bridge Road
London SE1 9HA

Thank you very much for your letter of 12 September and my apologies for the delay in responding, it has been a busy month!

I am re-assured to learn that the Code does allow that if a person were very drunk when asked to give his or her consent to participate in a programme or to carry out certain tasks within the programme, their state of inebriation may affect the validity of any consent given, particularly if the alcohol had been provided to them by the programme makers.

I will publish this exchange of correspondence on my website, and if constituents remain concerned they will be able to pursue the matter with Ofcom, or with my office.

Best regards,
Chi Onwurah
Labour MP for Newcastle upon Tyne Central

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