Tory Budget for the rich

Newcastle paid a heavy price for Tory economic austerity – services slashed, wages cut. Now the Chancellor is borrowing billions to gamble on tax cuts & boosting oil companies’ profits. I asked him to apologise for making Newcastle poorer and expecting us to pay for it.The Chancellor responded that ‘tax cuts were for everyone’. Well […]

NHS not safe in Tory hands

Chi Onwurah  (Newcastle upon Tyne Central) (Lab) My constituents face intolerable delays in A&E, for an appointment, for referral for mental health treatment, or for an ambulance. Those who work in the NHS face plummeting morale, effective pay cuts and staff shortages. The Secretary of State’s response is to aspire to a GP waiting time […]

Working people of Newcastle foot the bill instead of the big Energy Companies

Liz Truss thinks that getting energy companies to pay their fair share would “undermine the national interest”. The reality is that she is so wedded to hard right ideology that she will let the working people of Newcastle foot the bill instead. Chronicle Live: Newcastle Central MP Chi Onwurah accused the PM of being “so wedded to […]

Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II cared about the things we Geordies care about

Chi Onwurah  (Newcastle upon Tyne Central) (Lab) The people of Newcastle have always held a strong and proud sense of our own identity as Geordies, as working people, as citizens of the United Kingdom and, for seven decades, as subjects of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Her death leaves us bereft in ways we cannot fully […]

People in Newcastle need every penny

When families in Newcastle need every penny they can get our PM, Liz Truss , seems to think now is the right time to protect Shell’s excess profits and give Amazon a tax cut. There’s nothing new about a Tory who when asked “who pays?” says “the working people of Britain.” #PMQs People are terrified […]