Residents are being hugely undermined by atrocious bus services

Atrocious bus services are undermining the lives of so many in #Newcastle. Today, I asked the Secretary of State for Transport whether he would keep the promise of the last SoS to meet with me urgently. He didn't bother to respond. — Chi Onwurah ???? (@ChiOnwurah) November 24, 2022 HANSARD: Chi Onwurah  (Newcastle upon […]

Innovation is the way we drive growth

“Innovation is the way we drive growth.” ???? Says @RishiSunak in response to @ChiOnwurah question on ???????? association to Horizon Europe. — University APPG (@universityappg) November 18, 2022   The PM did say lots of lovely things about Science but what he didn’t do was answer my question about Horizion !  The Tories just […]

Debate in Parliament to highlight the unique Newcastle charity Families in Care

I called a debate on the unique Newcastle charity Families in Care who offer support for birth parents through the adoption process. I asked Government t to work with them so more areas can benefit from their model. Demand is not confined to our city. Chi’s Adjournment Debate Speech on Support for Birth Families through […]

More bus and other Public Transport service complaints

I want to share with you another email from a constituent in response to my campaign to improve the quality of & information on Bus services in Newcastle. Public money is going to private bus companies for terrible services, all the while my constituents’ businesses are losing money.

Iran – death penalty being given to those who claim basic human rights

The prospect of the Iranian regime executing 1000s of brave women & girls for protesting horrifies & oppresses us all. I asked what the Govt was doing to ensure that every protest, every arrest, and every death threat receives global attention. — Chi Onwurah ???? (@ChiOnwurah) November 17, 2022   The prospect of the […]

Mortgage hike with Tories – But grow the economy with Labour’s Plan

Seven ways Labour will grow Britain’s economy???? — Rachel Reeves (@RachelReevesMP) November 16, 2022   Under the Tories families in the North East face paying £301 a month more for their mortgages. Labour has a plan to secure our economy and get it growing again, powered by the talent and effort of millions of […]

Britain’s Industrial Future

In 3 hours of Labour's Industry Debate, we didn't hear a credible plan from the Govt on how they would deliver on industrial jobs, investment and growth. I asked members on the opposite side, did they really come into politics to make working people poorer? It seems that way. — Chi Onwurah ???? (@ChiOnwurah) […]

The Tories aren’t serious about science

 Science minister resigns. No science minister for three months. New PM, new science minister.    Another new PM, now 2 science ministers. Their roles unclear.   The Times Chi Onwurah Tory short-termism is wrecking UK science Not content with their catastrophic trickle-down experiment with the nation’s economy the Tories are now trialling Heisenberg’s “uncertainty principle” […]