Vulnerable most at risk in Emergencies

In emergencies the vulnerable are most likely to need help, they are also most likely to suffer #DigitalExclusion. The Tories haven't produced a digital inclusion strategy since 2014 so I asked the Govt what they are doing to make a National Emergency Alert reaches everyone. — Chi Onwurah ???? (@ChiOnwurah) May 11, 2023 Chi […]

Government science spending favours London and the South East – so our Regions miss out!

At @SciTechgovuk Qs, I asked the SoS if the Tories were counting Horizon replacement money as new British science spending. She didn't know the answer. But whilst the Tories cook the books on science our regional powerhouses miss out. It's not levelling up, it’s holding back! — Chi Onwurah ???? (@ChiOnwurah) May 3, 2023 […]

Conflict in Sudan

The conflict in #Sudan is a humanitarian disaster for the country, its diaspora, the region, and the continent. I asked the Minister to work with the African Union to promote African leadership, involvement and mediation to achieve a successful resolution. — Chi Onwurah ???? (@ChiOnwurah) May 2, 2023 Chi Onwurah  (Newcastle upon Tyne Central) […]

Mega Profits but Tories still refuse to act to help ordinary people

It is incredibly worrying to hear of a rise in food parcels being issued by West End FoodBank Thank you to foodbank volunteers who go above & beyond to support people in Newcastle. Everyone living in poverty has been let down by 13 years of Tory Governments.   CHRONICLE LIVE: Newcastle West End Foodbank hands […]

NHS dentistry access has become almost impossible for so many

Access to NHS Dentistry is almost impossible for many constituents. There is a new generation in #Newcastle who have never had access to dentistry. As well as causing pain and suffering now, the Tories are also building up additional cost for the future. — Chi Onwurah ???? (@ChiOnwurah) April 28, 2023   Chi Onwurah  […]

Ukraine – a lesson – we need to be ready

The courage & determination of the Ukrainian people in the face of Putin's aggression is an inspiration to all. It also challenges us – we must maintain our military & humanitarian support. That means backfilling our military stockpiles. But Govt has no plan to do that! — Chi Onwurah ???? (@ChiOnwurah) April 27, 2023 […]

Sudan – a consistent and humane approach is urgently needed

The Sudanese diaspora in Britain & Brits in Sudan are particularly impacted by the conflict there. My office is receiving desperate casework which recalls the chaotic evacuation of Kabul. I asked the Foreign Sec to work w the Home Office to ensure a consistent & humane approach — Chi Onwurah ???? (@ChiOnwurah) April 28, […]