Chi’s speech on Brexit (text and video link)

You can find the video of Chi’s speech on Brexit here, and the full text is below. My constituency voted to remain. My country voted to leave. My conscience continues to believe that the country’s interests are best served within the EU. I believe that my job is to act in accordance with my conscience, […]

MP’s Report: 31 January 2017

Dear Newcastle I don’t know about you but I was very much looking forward to the end of 2016.  It was an extremely difficult year in many ways for many of us. The Brexit vote divided our city down the middle. The death of Jo Cox in a politically motivated brutal murder was both tragic […]

Realising Aspiration for All

I have worked for social justice all my adult life, whether as a politician or an activist, and it breaks my heart that there are still so many people in this country and around the world who cannot take equality of opportunity for granted.  It is simply not acceptable that deafblind people who have the […]

The most popular economists in the House are

After I cited Mariana Mazzucato when setting out Labour’s vision of an industrial policy I wondered which other economists were cited in parliament and what that said about the economic influences on our parliamentary debates. The House of Commons Library came back with the following results: It looks as if Adam Smith and Keynes generally […]

Season’s Greetings!

Season’s greetings! Chi’s office is now closed until the new year, but if you get in touch we will aim to get back to you as soon as possible when the office re-opens.

Why The Chancellor’s First (And Last) Autumn Statement Is A Poisonous Damp Squib

  HUFFPOST POLITICS  – THE BLOG Chi Onwurah Labour MP for Newcastle upon Tyne Central Yesterday was Philip Hammond’s first big moment as Chancellor, the opportunity, before a country and indeed a world buffeted by shockwaves of change and uncertainty, to set out a compelling, reassuring and above all confidence building vision of our economic […]

MP’s Report November 2016

Dear Newcastle Even before the American Election result 2016 had been a year of unprecedented political upheaval – the referendum, leadership challenges, resignations, a new Prime Minister and the challenge of uniting the country and winning a positive exit from the European Union which protects jobs and opportunities. The election of Donald Trump has further […]

Chi is recruiting a Parliamentary Assistant

Job Title: Parliamentary Assistant/Senior Parliamentary Assistant Location: London Salary: In line with IPSA payscales  Job Details Chi Onwurah MP is looking for a full-time Parliamentary Assistant. This is a demanding role in a busy parliamentary office. Key responsibilities: Research and briefing on a wide-range of policy issues Drafting speeches and articles Optimising media exposure and […]

Chi takes up case for Toon Beef label for Town Moor cattle

Chi Onwurah MP for Newcastle Central today in Parliament pressed the Minister for local labelling regulations to help promote Toon Beef from the cattle who graze on the Town Moor She believes consumers want and should have better information about the food they buy. Chi told the House of Commons: “ You might think of […]

Black History Month

  Chi has written on the importance of recognising black history for Black History Month magazine: “As I child I would have been hard put to name a dozen famous black people outside music or sports. My knowledge of black achievement was limited to those two sectors and a few walk-on parts in the great histories of […]