How Newcastle kids are missing out on online learning!

The school closures, may be good for public health, but are seriously affecting pupils’ learning and the ones bearing the brunt of it are those who are already very disadvantaged. The Institute for Fiscal Studies recently found that by the end of May children in the poorest families will have received a week and a […]

MPs Report April 2019

Dear Newcastle April 2019 I always feel Spring is really here when the clocks go forward and the cows return to the moor. But in Westminsterland, nothing much is changing. The Brexit train grinds on even as the buffers are moved. Either two or one and a half, depending on how you counted them, further […]

Happy International Women’s Day

Happy #InternationalWomensDay to everyone everywhere but especially in #Newcastle where we have such a great history of amazing, campaigning women! To celebrate International Women’s Day here is a Women’s Co-operative Guild of Newcastle-upon-Tyne banner. This banner was probably made shortly after the guild was formed in 1892 and is on display   in our Working Lives gallery. Discovery Museum‏  […]

MP’s Report: September 8th to October 12th 2018

Dear Newcastle Most of the last month has been “ConferenceTime” with MPs, accompanying media and lobbyists decamping from Westminster accompanied, in Labour’s case at least, by delegates and members from across the country. Labour’s conference was well attended, constructive and often inspiring. There were a number of significant policy announcements including on Child Care, workers […]

Today’s vote on Heathrow

As a member of parliament I am often faced with difficult choices and this is especially true for today’s debate on the National Policy Statement on Airports. A third runway at Heathrow raises very challenging economic, environmental and ethical considerations. I am glad we in the Labour Party are having a free vote  – I […]

Dear Newcastle

I am deeply saddened and ashamed to think I may have constituents who fear they might not be welcome or indeed celebrated in the Labour Party because of their Jewish faith or heritage. The mural upon which Jeremy Corbyn commented six years ago was easily identifiable as being antisemitic and it had no place on […]

Dear Newcastle

Parliament has returned with the Autumn and it is the same subjects which are occupying Westminster minds – Tory infighting, Brexit and the economy. The Labour Party Conference showed a party united and determined to achieve a ‘jobs first’ Brexit, putting the economy first. The Prime Minister’s disastrous speech to Conservative Conference overshadowed the economic […]

These crimes shame Newcastle – but we are making our city safer for girls and young women

Today a jury returned guilty verdicts on 17 men and 1 women who committed abhorrent crimes in our city. The convictions came about because of the bravery of victims in testifying and Northumbria Police’s Operation Sanctuary – a complex, three year investigation into modern day slavery, trafficking and sexual exploitation involving many more offenders and […]

The most popular economists in the House are… [Updated with new names]

Late last year I asked the House of Commons Library to tell me which economists were most cited in the House, and posted a graph on my website illustrating trends over time. Now we’ve added Schumpeter, Blanchflower and Galbraith into the mix, and the results are as follows… Mariana Mazzucato is level with Karl Marx, […]