Chi Onwurah MP recommends…

Chi was asked by the charitable trust, Sense about Science, to recommend a book for their Christmas reading list.  Chi opted for Rendez vous with Rama by Arthur C Clarke. “Science fiction was one of the inspirations for my first career choice, Engineering,  but by my mid teens I could no longer stomach the way […]

Speech on Reclaiming the Domestic Violence Agenda at Newcastle University

May I start by thanking the Angelou Centre for organising the very important debate we’re all here to take part in? The issue of domestic violence in general, and specifically domestic violence against women in the BAME community, is a huge challenge facing Newcastle  and the country. It’s a matter of great pride to me […]

Speech to Nominet

As you know I have been an MP four months now, having been a telecoms engineer for 23 years before that, working in both the public and the private sectors. I’m grateful for this opportunity to find myself back in what is still my natural comfort zone, discussing telecommunications. Although of course there is little […]

Letter to Rt. Hon. Vincent Cable MP

I am writing to you in regard to the future strategic development of the economy in the North East.  At your appearance before the BIS select committee in July you confirmed that your Department was flexible with regard to: The responsibilities of Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) The geographical reach of the LEPs and/or how responsibilities […]


Dear Dr Lloyd Economic Development On 17 May, the Association of North East Councils (ANEC), representing all twelve of the strategic local authorities in the North East, and the Northern Business Forum (NBF), embracing all of the major business organisations in the North East, wrote to the Secretaries of State for the Department for Business […]

Final stop for asbestos risk roadshow in Newcastle

Newcastle’s City Centre hosted the final stop for a national roadshow highlighting the devastating affects of asbestos exposure and to warn of the risks. The National Asbestos Helpline (NAH) ended a week-long UK tour by parking its bus in Grainger Street on Saturday (July 17) where more than 200 people stopped to access advice and […]

Building a new, green, industrial base

We are on the brink of a new industrial revolution.  Let me first declare an interest.  Two interests in fact. Newcastle was at the leading edge of the first, carbon based industrial revolution and so naturally has a great interest in a industrial resurgence. Secondly, as an engineer myself, I do wish to see a […]