Lack of a Chemicals Industry Strategy

.@TheCTPA manifesto makes clear that it requires a safe & sustainable supply of chemicals within a robust, internationally compatible regulatory framework. I asked the Minister if the ongoing chemicals strategy chaos means that what it actually requires is a change of Govt. — Chi Onwurah ???? (@ChiOnwurah) March 14, 2024 HANSARD: Chi Onwurah  The […]

Tory Spring Budget – still failing the people and businesses in Newcastle

This budget, guided by politics and Tory divisions, will hold my my constituents back. After fourteen years of farce, only a Labour government will give #Newcastle, and the whole country, our future back. — Chi Onwurah ???? (@ChiOnwurah) March 12, 2024 HANSARD: Chi Onwurah  (Newcastle upon Tyne Central) (Lab) Thank you, Madam Deputy Speaker; […]

North East Devolution Deal

.@KiMcGuinness, our excellent Labour candidate for North East mayor, would make the new devolution deal work for everyone in our region. She is committed to creating real opportunity for people across the North East, and a Labour Government would be the partner she needs — Chi Onwurah ???? (@ChiOnwurah) March 9, 2024