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Speech upon being elected as the MP for Newcastle Central and West


Thank you.

This is a huge honour and privilege. I would like thank the Returning Officer and her team for all her hard work, the police for all their support and protection and all the staff here tonight who have made democracy work transparently and incredibly quickly.  And thank you to my fellow candidates, for a lively, honest and thoughtful campaign.

My deepest thanks to the fantastic Newcastle Central and West Labour Party members and volunteers for the unbelievable hard work, with special thanks to my Agent, David and the core team who organised everything.  And I’d like to thank my partner Damon for all his support. And cooking.

But most of all I would like to thank the people of Newcastle Central and West

I came into politics after a career in engineering to represent the people I grew up with, here in Newcastle. The best city in the world with the best people in the world. On doorsteps across Newcastle Central and West I have heard again and again the clear message – we want change. We want an end to the chaos, the incompetence, sky rocketing prices, crumbling public services, stagnating economy, self interested politicians and  scandal ridden Government—a government that simply doesn’t care about people like us.

If the early results are right, we will wake up to a Labour Government led by Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer. A Government at the service of working people. A Government which will turn the page on the last 14 years, delivering a better future for working people, bringing green prosperity to every corner of our nation and restoring Britain’s reputation on the world stage.

A Government that works with the people of Newcastle to build a future of hope and prosperity in place of the despair and disillusionment so many feel today.

As we move forward to a better future the  great strength of Newcastle is the diversity of our communities and our unity as one community  with shared values.  I see those values in every face I meet. We are a city where democracy, solidarity and human rights runs deep.   Today has been a day of unity—of an overwhelming call for change from our community.  I want to reach out my hand, and the hand of the Labour Party to all the people of Newcastle, no matter how you voted today.  Our future as a community, as a nation, will be so much brighter together, in a spirit of consideration for each other.  My promise to you is to listen to you, to stand up for you, for our community, our values, and our future. Now is the time to come together for a better Newcastle. Our future is waiting for us.  We can build it together.

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