Leasehold Reform – meeting with Minister

Howard and Phyll from Newcastle joined me to meet the Housing Minister about leasehold reform.

Kafkaesque leasehold laws allow the Mary Magdalene & Holy Jesus Trust to make their lives a misery, holding their futures hostage.

We need Government to listen and, crucially, to act.

One thought on “Leasehold Reform – meeting with Minister

  1. Yvonne Hall

    Is this Sky News report below correct? Just how much extra time do they need – days, months, years , perhaps never!

    If so it is as fragile as the Tories promising to set a limit on personal contributions to care home fees in the last two elections.
    I really don’t know whether Labour can be trusted to deliver their promises.
    As a constituent of yours I was very concerned that you were supporting Kim McGuinness given the undemocratic manner in which she was selected as the Labour candidate for the Mayor of the North East election.

    How would you have felt if as a current MP you had been deselected

    Sky News reported
    “Labour has dropped its pledge to introduce legislation to abolish leasehold within the first 100 days of government if it wins the general election.

    The party is still committed to getting rid of the system, but those working on the policy believe they need more time to enact such a radical measure after the Tories watered down their own promises on reform.

    Politics Live: PM defends record after grim NHS figures

    Harry Scoffin, founder of the Free Leaseholders campaign, called the change in timing “worrying” given “leaseholders have been mucked about by a succession of governments for decades now”.

    “With a general election only months away, we need firm assurances that Labour still intends to end leasehold and enact mass commonhold, as they have always promised. 5.3 million households will be looking at their manifesto hoping for better,” he told Sky News.”

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