Violence against women and girls


Chi Onwurah 
(Newcastle upon Tyne Central) (Lab)

I, too, pay tribute to the family of Sarah Everard. In Newcastle and across the country, her vile murder led to an outpouring of grief and horror, but it did not, as the Home Secretary said, start a conversation about violence against women—[Interruption.] That is what he said. Rather, it showed that the voices, the pain and the fears of women were being ignored. He says that he takes violence against women seriously; his language and his actions need to reflect that. Will he speak specifically about recommendation 11 on information sharing between forces so that predators like Couzens cannot move from force to force? This is not an issue for the Met alone.


One thought on “Violence against women and girls

  1. Yvonne Hall

    I have already alerted Northumbria Police ( Dame Vera Baird, Kim Mc Guinness and Winton Keenen that the Eustace Report published by Kim now opened up a review into whether the Aubrey ET should have highlighted ‘ red flags’ about possible misogynistic behaviour in Northumbria Police.
    The Staffordshire Review left some unanswered questions.
    Ask yourself ?- if a message was to be sent to all forces not to challenge misogynistic behaviour then the destruction of a senior police member of staff cynically executed by a publicly funded QC would be effective to prevent future whistleblowing claims.
    Bringing in female senior officers who may have worked previously with Chief Officers is not “transparency”
    Why was one Chief Constable’s reputation protected when his predecessor Sue Sim had already said that there was misogynistic behaviour in her force and this was upheld by QC Bennathan.
    She was savaged by Northumbria Police’s QC in the ET for saying she had been misled and that Ms Aubrey had been the victim of injustice as a result.
    The catalyst for all of this was an investigation being conducted by the Metropolitan Police.
    Decision makers need to ask more questions and not rely on anecdotal information from third parties ????

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