Heart Unions Week – Why not join a Trade Union?

It was great to catch up with TUC Northern‘s brilliant Liz Blackshaw about industrial action, recent casework trends, and the importance of being a union member. This Heart Unions Week, why not Join A Union?

Not sure which one? Find out here https://tuc.org.uk/join-a-union

Unite workplace wins:  https://www.unitetheunion.org/campaigns/unite-for-a-workers-economy-campaign/unite-workplace-wins/

GMB : https://www.gmb.org.uk/long-read/theres-never-been-more-important-time-young-workers-join-union

Young workers who are in trade union recognised workplaces on average have better pay, safer places to work and have better than basic maternity, paternity and carer’s leave.

However, for those who aren’t in trade unionised workplaces, it’s down to us to organise.

By recruiting our colleagues and making them aware that things can be better within the workplace – we’ll make a difference.

Especially when we work together.

There’s strength in numbers, and you’re never on your own when you have the trade union behind you.

Did you know:

These are all serious issues – and all issues that trade unionism and working together can change.

As Lin Manuel Miranda wrote, ‘this is not a moment, it’s the movement.’

Young Workers aren’t a moment in the trade union – we are part of the movement like everyone else.

Ruth Pitchford
GMB Young Workers Chair



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