Bus Services in Newcastle – passengers views

After meeting Stagecoach North East, I asked Newcastle residents to verify their claims on the quality of Bus Services. I will be taking people’s answers to the Transport Secretary of State . 87.4% of respondents didn’t agree with Stagecoach’s assessment that services had gotten better recently.


An even bigger percentage of respondents disagreed with Stagecoach North East’s director that their App always had the right information on Bus Services.                        89.7% of respondents said that the App did not always have the information you needed.


Again, a very high proportion of respondents have not received compensation from Stagecoach North East despite their assertion that it was available to those who experienced delays. 96.9% said they had received no compensation for late or withdrawn Bus Services.


My final question was whether the Bus Services provided by Stagecoach North East were better, worse, or the same as their competitors.

58.1% thought Stagecoach offers worse service.

35.2% thought it offers the same service.

Only 6.7% believe it offers better service.



When I raised Newcastle bus services in Parliament the then Transport Secretary, agreed to meet me. Conservative chaos means there is a new Transport Secretary. Now will he keep his predecessor’s commitments?

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