Residents struggle to get the NHS services they need – Tories fail the NHS

The Secretary of State for Health didn’t agree with me that the NHS wasn’t safe in the Tory’s hands.
Here’s why she’s wrong.

One constituent has been on the waiting list for a wheelchair since January this year.                   
8 months later they still haven’t got it.

Another of my constituents has been waiting two years for a cataracts operation.                   
Only for their operation to be cancelled the day before.                                                           
Whilst on the waiting list they fell due to their poor sight.

Another constituent is suffering constant pain due to their endometriosis.
Again, they have been stuck in limbo for the past year.
Their pain growing as they wait to reach the top of a long waiting list.

The Secretary of States response is to aspire to a GP waiting time which is seven times longer than what Labour actually achieved. The NHS is not, has not been, never can be safe under the Tories.

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