Local Government and Central Government capacity slashed by 10 years of Austerity

Ten years of austerity economics have slashed national and local government capacity. I asked the Minister whether he thought these cuts had left our public services in a resilient position to face COVID and a cost of living crisis? He seemed to think they had!

Parliament TV:



I thank the Chief Secretary for giving way. Is it his view that 10 years of austerity economics, which slashed the capacity of both central and local government to spend, left our Government’s public services with the resilience to meet the demands of the covid crisis, and the cost of living and inflation crisis?




2 thoughts on “Local Government and Central Government capacity slashed by 10 years of Austerity

  1. Martyn Dunn

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    1. Chi Office Post author

      Chi receives complaints about delays almost every day.

      Reported in the Guardian: 14,000 members of the Facebook group passport chaos 2022,

      HM Passport Office
      Processing times in the UK
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