Chi Onwurah 

(Newcastle upon Tyne Central) (Lab)

My constituents already face long waits for overpriced bus services without the real-time data that Londoners take for granted, and now we hear that there will be further cuts to bus services. We urgently need a bus service improvement plan. Why will the Secretary of State not urgently support one?


Save our Buses!

The Conservative Government and the private bus companies are slashing services right across Newcastle at the end of March.

The Conservative Government are cutting buses at a time they should be investing in them and the private companies are putting profits before passengers.

  • We’re calling on the Conservative Government to extend Bus Recovery funding to allow these services to continue.
  • We’re calling on the bus companies which operate these services to reconsider their cuts to services.

The Labour Party will continue to work with NEXUS to try and find solution.

Sign this petition below to let the Tories and the Bus companies know you want to save our buses



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