Football: Government fails to respond to fan-led Review

As a #NUFC fan, I have huge sympathy for #DCFC fans whose club’s future is under threat. The Government hasn’t acted on either finance or effective governance & have yet to respond to the  fan-led review. We need urgent action to put football fans at the top of the football pyramid!



Chi Onwurah 

(Newcastle upon Tyne Central) (Lab)

As a Newcastle United fan, I know something of sorrow and frustration. I have huge sympathy for Derby County. This Government have repeatedly failed to act on issues of financial sustainability and effective governance in our national game, and they are now dragging their feet on their response to the fan-led review of football. Does the Minister really think that the pace of the Government’s response equals the importance of football in the lives of my constituents? Will he commit to putting fans at the top of the football pyramid?

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