Press release: The PM is misleading us about how much he really knows about Covid-19 transmission.


Newcastle Central MP Chi Onwurah: “the PM is misleading us about how much he really knows about Covid-19 transmission.”


Following the news that Newcastle will be placed in Tier 3 restrictions, Newcastle Central MP Chi Onwurah has written to the PM accusing him of misleading her in how much he knows about COVID-19 transmission in Newcastle

Chi Said: In October I asked the prime minister, in an oral question, if he knew where transmission was occurring in Newcastle, he said he did, so I then addressed three written questions to ministers to find out what they knew. The final question was eventually answered on Friday, over six weeks after I asked, and the responses to all three show that no, they do not know where transmission is occurring in Newcastle. Is it in bars or shops? Is it in the student community or front line workers?

“It is important that we do everything we can to crush the rate of transmission of COVID-19. But the Government need to come clean with us about what they really know.

“The data the government is using to impose Tier 3 restrictions on Newcastle is from the 23rd of November, when data leading up to the 27th shows a marked decrease in Newcastle’s infection rateWhy does it take them so long to process and collect the data?

“In summary the, the government don’t know where COVID-19 is transmitted, are using old data, and are misleading the country on how much they know.

“Today, I am asking the Prime Minister:

“Why did he pretend he knew where transmission was occurring in Newcastle?

“Why won’t they judge us on up to date data?

“Why don’t they give resources and data to local authorities who know local communities?



Video of Oral Question to the PM:

Links to written questions from Chi Onwurah MP to the Department of Health and Social Care:


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