Premier League CEO Richard Masters responds to Chi’s Letter

5 thoughts on “Premier League CEO Richard Masters responds to Chi’s Letter

  1. Bill Cross

    Sorry but that dosnt wash with me.
    If masters kept in touch with N.U.F.C. Then how come Ashley obviously knew nothing about it and if what he says about the takeover is true then why is it so obvious they know nothing about what he is saying.
    Staveley knew nothing about it nor the Reuben brothers otherwise why would they still be pushing for the takeover.
    As for totteringham & liverbelliedpool I believe the rumours.
    If the Premiership could get rid of all Northeast teams they would.
    Otherwise why pick on our perspective buyers when other teams in the premiership have owners with worse records.
    And if the premier league think dealing with a country like Saudi Arabia is so abhorrent then why do they deal with a country with civil rights so bad that most governments in the world have complained about them and this country is holding the next World Cup.
    The Saudi government trade with most governments around the world U.K. included so why does masters think he knows better.
    The Takover should be allowed to go ahead and masters should resign.
    Surely the premiership should be looking into the conduct of a certain london club who pay off 55 staff then invest millions on paying a massive fee to one player(supposedly on a free transfer) and pay him approximately 1/3 of a million a month.
    Allow the takeover.
    Sorry can’t believe this cockney bull story masters.

  2. Simon

    This isn’t a full response, or at least there is a question and subsequent response missing. Why has the premier league used the purchase of Newcastle United to push its IP and revenue agenda. This is the sole reason for insisting on the Saudi state being made a director and solely the reason for the PIF being unable to provide the information. They simply could not comply. It is the same as saying The us senate or trumpet need to be a director of mufc because there is undoubtedly ip leaks from the USA; hesgoal for example is often a us stream.

    Arbitration can take months to resolve, it is normally the final steps in a dispute resolution process, when the normal routes are exhausted. It seems to me that the fat cats on the board made a decision, in the interests of protecting their revenue streams and then said if you don’t like it take us to arbitration. It’s not an offer to arbitrate, it’s a last resort and likely a contractual obligation so don’t go painting it
    Is a nicety.

    One more question back to Master should be “please clarify the decision making process that led you to make the decision that the Saudi state is to be a director of Nufc”. And please can the minutes be provided.

  3. charlie Watson

    this response is from a governing body who are there to make decisions, not asking to be bailed out by an independent tribunal, they are there to make decisions, they have not, their response has been non existent until now and this response we have just had has came under duress from pressure from parliament and the ombudsman and as negative as a no comment.
    you have the paperwork you have the information make a decision that’s why you are there.

  4. Malcolm Gale

    A rather disappointingly vague response to quite specific questions.
    1. It looks like other clubs objections whether made or not made has no bearing, so yet another media fabrication.
    2. It looks like Human Rights had nothing to do with it. Totally understandable as half the Premier League is owned by Arabia.
    3. The bit he did not elaborate very much on so as not to line himself up for the Lawyers to take him to task is probably the bit that counts, i.e. piracy. If he has asked them to denounce it or stop it and they have not responded as he has said then we might have the answer there!
    Still very disappointingly vague from the Premier league and far too late but over to you P.I.F.

  5. Duane

    The whole letter to me looks scripted. This tells us fans nothing we didn’t already know. That the Premier league is incompetent of anything since Masters took over.

    You say the top clubs didn’t have any bearing on the deal. I beg to differ. If I was Ashley reading this. Regardless of this pandemic. I would take legal action against the Premier league and flush them for everything.

    Half hearted answers. That’s what this letter is because of the huge pressure they’re feeling from all angles. Unfortunately for the Premier league. This pressure ain’t going away.

    Such an embarrassment for our so called beat league in the world. Run by incompetent people swayed by their own interests and not the fans who pay their wages.


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