“Our Digital Future” – a consultation

Today Labour launches “Our Digital Future” – a consultation looking at one of the most pressing and inspiring challenges of our times – an online world which is safer, fairer and more inclusive. To make this future a reality, we need your input.

Digital is now at the heart of almost every policy area but it is not really ‘for everyone’. How can we promote digital innovation across all UK regions and nations? How can we ensure it generates good, fulfilling jobs for everyone as we build back, better?

‘m deeply moved that Ian Russell has backed our consultation. We must do far more to prevent the terrible scourge of online harms. What principles should govern our lives online and protect us all against harm?


We’re also asking Qs such as: How can we put people in charge of their online lives? How can the government better use tech to work for the public? How can we ensure that no-one is excluded from the digital revolution?

Read the full consultation document here and get involved:


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