Chi Onwurah MP supports #BlackLivesMatter online protest in Newcastle




Chi Onwurah MP will once again show her support for the Black Lives Matter movement by joining the online protest in Newcastle at 1pm on 5 June, arranged by Stand up to Racism NE, alongside other speakers and activists. George Floyd’s recent murder and a long history of racial injustices have brought people together globally to stand in the face of racism and fight to ensure that Black lives and Black people are valued.

Earlier in the week she expressed her support for protesters in London and elsewhere by taking the knee in Parliament.

Chi said “We stand – and kneel – in solidarity with those struggling against racism and for justice. Peaceful protests show our values & our unity. We have to make sure that this isn’t just another protest that is forgotten and things go back to the way they are in a month or a year, we need real change.”

On 2 June Chi challenged the Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, in the House of Commons to take the opportunity to condemn President Trump’s words ‘when the looting starts, the shooting starts’ and to use tear gas on peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstrators.




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