Shadow Ministers speak up for Sonos Customers

Shadow Digital and Business Minster Chi Onwurah was joined by Shadow Minister for Consumer Protection Gill Furniss in condemnation for Sonos’s decision to end software support for many of its products.

In a letter penned to the Secretary of States for Business and Digital, the Shadow Ministers sought clarification on whether the Government would support moves to make companies indicate the minimum lifetime of software maintenance.

They questioned “Is it acceptable to sell a product which may be rendered unusable within one year – or two or three or ten?  It is particularly important to establish best practice guidelines now as we expect to see a proliferation of software dependent products and services as ‘Smart’ devices gain in popularity and the Internet of Things is increasingly incorporated into our daily life.”

Ms Onwurah and Ms Furniss were steadfast in their support for consumers stating “there is an important principle to be established with regard to the duties of digital businesses and the rights of consumers”






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