North East R&D Funding Slashed

Press Release                                                    Wednesday 19 December 2018

North East R&D Funding Slashed

Research by Chi Onwurah MP for Newcastle Central has shown that Government funding for North East R&D has been slashed by £36 per head since 2012.

Figures in response to a Parliamentary Question put by Chi show that the Government has cut its per head R&D funding by 37% in the North East three times more than any other region and at a time when other regions have had an increase in their R&D funding per head of population.

She believes the cut in Research & Development funding for the North East undermines the economic future of the region, especially its currently strong manufacturing base.

Chi Onwurah said:

“These figures show what the Government really thinks of the North East.

“We have great Universities and centres of research and development yet we have lost out hugely in per head funding, far more than any other region.

“ Government claims to have increased R&D funding but these figures show that funding has reduced significantly in many regions and by more than a third in the North East. The Government refuses to implement a long term funding plan for science and funds ad hoc projects which meet its short term interests.

“ Labour has committed to building an innovation nation where science and innovation are part of our cultural DNA, for the many, not the few

Ms Onwurah fears that the Government failure to invest in R&D reveals its total lack of concern for the future jobs and general prosperity of people in the Region.


Notes for Editors:


  1. Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy written answer WPQ 202141 to Chi Onwurah  :


Research and Innovation expenditure per head of population (£)


Research and Innovation expenditure per head of population (£)
















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