Chi’s message on her use of Parliamentary time

Chi has received much positive feedback on the petition she presented on football club ownership, which was particularly critical of Mike Ashley the owner of Newcastle United FC. Some however have raised concerns about her use of Parliamentary time. She recognises these concerns but feels strongly that this is an issue which is important to many of her constituents and her job is to represent constituents’ concerns. But it is not a choice between highlighting constituents’ concerns about Newcastle United and other pressing issues, Chi uses her Parliamentary position to raise many diverse issues.

In the last few weeks Chi has questioned Ministers in the House of Commons on:

Chi also regularly writes directly to Ministers to take up issues for constituents and over the past few weeks has raised issues relating to:

  • Primary Health Care
  • Litter
  • Long Term Support for Victims of Operation Sanctuary
  • NHS operation techniques

Chi has presented several other Petitions to Parliament. They may not have attracted as much interest as the Newcastle United one but they certainly represented concerns of constituents.  These included:

Chi is keen to voice the very wide range of concerns of residents in Newcastle Central and is very willing to present Petitions on other topics if constituents present them to her or raise a particular issue with her. If you would like to do so please contact Chi’s caseworker Tony at

Chi’s Parliamentary and constituency activity is detailed in her Report to Constituents, the most recent one can be found here.

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