Chi Onwurah MP presents petition to Parliament on Football Club Ownership

Chi Onwurah MP presents petition to Parliament on Football Club Ownership and the deep concerns surrounding Newcastle United

Today Chi Onwurah, MP for Newcastle Central, will present a petitionto Parliament to highlight the widespread lack of confidence in the ownership of Newcastle United FC.

Chi said:

“ Fans and supporters of Newcastle United want to see our manger Rafa Bentez given the backing and resources needed for the team to compete effectively in the premiership.

“ They have complained to me that they do not see any sign of owner Mike Ashley being committed to supporting Rafa and providing the funding needed to build a really strong team.

Ms Onwurah believes football is woven into the Geordie spirit and so lack of commitment to investing in the team undermines the social and economic fabric of Newcastle and Tyneside.

She believes it is never too late and owner Mike Ashley should now show his appreciation ofRafa Benitez, Newcastle and Tyneside by investing in players, club facilities and the wider community.



Football club ownership

To the House of Commons.

The Petition of the people of Newcastle upon Tyne Central,

Declares that football is an integral part of Newcastle upon Tyne’s social, economic and cultural wellbeing; notes that fans of Newcastle United are heavily invested both financially and emotionally in the success of the team; further that the current manager Rafa Benitez needs the support of both fans and the club’s owner; further that this support should include investment in players, training facilities and community engagement; and further that the owner Mike Ashley has not made this support forthcoming.

The Petitioners therefore request the House of Commons to take action to prevent unscrupulous football club owners from exploiting the clubs, their fans and local communities, with particular reference to Mike Ashley and Newcastle United FC.

And the Petitioners remain, etc.

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One thought on “Chi Onwurah MP presents petition to Parliament on Football Club Ownership

  1. Paul Sadler

    My own concerns together with others is the total lack of transparency around club accounts. Specifically the area around commercial revenue streams.

    There is a real concern about those streams having been purposely diverted in order to benefit Mr Ashley’s other business interests, especially those associated to Sports Direct plc. This is obviously the case in regards to the club shop, which is now a Sports Direct store sitting under the banner and crest of NUFC.
    It is felt that there should be a greater transparency in commercial revenue, merchandising and advertising income.

    The club has been integral part of the city since time and memorial. This includes the wellbeing of the community and this benefits local businesses, especially on match days

    During Mr. Ashley’s tenure, especially the last 10yrs a definite disconnect has occured. It’s felt this is associated to a suspicion of wrongdoing including neglect of the facilities, a failure to maintain the stadium, and a lack of transparency in regards to funds the club has generated.

    The community have a suspicion that the club is being stripped of it’s assets which include in excess of £123 million GBP, in TV payments received from Sky. These payments coincided with Mr. Ashley’s purchase of House of Fraser, and there is a suspicion some of those funds were diverted to make that purchase.
    Those assets also include land situated at Strawberry Place which Mr. Ashley allegedly purchased from the club and is developing for Student accomodation. It is anticipated the profit from that sale will not benefit the club in any shape or form
    In essence, the community require answers that have previously not been forthcoming. A lack of transparency is more than evident, and it is felt that lack of transparency is sinister.

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