Heineken takeover bid for Punch Taverns

I am pleased that the Competition & Markets Authority has decided to hold a full inquiry into the effect of Heineken taking over Punch Taverns. The takeover would include pubs such as the Crows Nest in Percy Street, the Fox and Hounds on the West Road  and the Duke of Wellington on Kenton Lane.

One thought on “Heineken takeover bid for Punch Taverns

  1. G. Murphy

    Of the 3000 pubs owned by Punch, I believe Heineken are looking to take over 1900. My concern is for the 1100 or so pubs that would go to the real estate company. For them the future looks more than a little bleak. It would not be too presumptuous to believe that these would be sold off for development. Whilst not big players as no doubt the 1900 pubs will be, they are non the less small centres of the community that they serve.

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