Building the West Gosforth we want

Blue House Roundabout 2035


Chi Onwurah MP
Labour MP for Newcastle Central

Invites you to aMoor

Town Hall Meeting to discuss the Council’s draft proposals for Blue House Roundabout and changing the way we travel to preserve the Town Moor

With Councillor Ged Bell, Head of Transport Investment Graham Grant, and Newcastle Digital Civics Department

24th August 18:00-19:30, Trinity Church, Gosforth High Street, NE3 4AG


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Read the proposal and consultation here:









8 thoughts on “Building the West Gosforth we want

  1. Ken Young

    Dear Ms Onwurah,

    We’re unfortunately unable to come as we’ll be away that week. Have the Freemen been invited to send a
    representative ? Their role could be crucial and I think they must be be asked to declare their position publicly and be prepared to be questioned on it, given the pledges on their web site.

    Thanks for your own position on this issue.

    Ken and Angela Young

  2. Withheld

    I’d like to make sure attendees are aware of:

    1. the article in the Guardian from October 2015 where Graham Grant of the Council makes it clear his policy is to install traffic lights:

    2. That substantially revised plans for Gosforth High Street were published in July and have received little attention:

    I will not be able to attend the town hall and would request that the Council is pressed into clarifying why it has approached consultation in what could be seen as a disingenuous fashion

  3. Bill Wickham

    I would like to reserve a ticket for the meeting at Trinity Church on 24th. August please.
    Many thanks,
    Bill Wickham

  4. Toby Scott

    This looks like another excessive traffic project.
    Whilst modifications to Blue house are necessary ,the creation of a roundabout that is larger than Swan House but without multiple lane access and egress is not going to resolve traffic or safety issues .The environmental impact to Newcastle’s largest green field site (with the loss of over a hundred mature trees cannot be justified.
    The siting of the new roundabout is also illogical .The repositioning of the roundabout North rather than South creates a disproportionale impact on the smaller moors rather than the larger moor to the south.

    Much more thinking is required.
    Little has been disclosed as to what deliberations /consultations have occurred to date .

    The letter was sadly contemptuous in its tone -presenting the issue as a fait accomplit. Holding of as consultation during August is unacceptable in a democracy

  5. Available on request by email


    I attempted to RSVP for this meeting, but it is indicated as sold out.

    Here are my comments:

    1. The aim should be to minimise the space taken up by any junction to protect the current grass and trees. In that area the existing landscape is well established and very well liked.

    2. The proposed wider junction would surely lead to increase use, so more traffic will be the result; not wanted.

    3. Construction of such a large junction would mean a lengthy period of disruption – not wanted. I disagree with the statement in the council leaflet that design would “minimise disruption”. There would be significant disruption and mess from the construction vehicles and teams.

    4. I disagree with the implied benefit in the council leaflet; “enable landscaping on junctions and the central island”. I have no need for a landscaped area in the middle of a road junction.

    Thank you

  6. Alison Ainslie

    Will this meeting still go ahead following the press release yesterday? I hope so as we still need to be involved, as interested parties, in the next round of plans.

  7. Gill stanger

    I attended the meeting this evening
    But had to leave before the end
    The people there wanted to express their views in s public forum
    I felt it was patronising to be put into groups and then
    write your views down and effectively hand them in…a little bit like being in school.
    Are the council frightened of us all?
    Why could we not have s debate ?
    I think a lot it people wanted it…perhaps a missed opportunity

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