Individual Issues October 2014

Individual Issues Oct

4 thoughts on “Individual Issues October 2014

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  2. Gill

    I respect what you are takes energy, all your will and time. I AM AFRAID i BLASTED OFF ON YOUR OTHER PUBLICATION – sorry. I am not against people coming to our islands to live honestly..we are after all a mongrel nation born from invaders and traders. No, I am angry at the lax way we have taken our world winning just system and compassion to a place where it has been plundered by people cleverer than ourselves through 3 decades . People born here, even immigrants that came in the 50’s have noticed that we have become used almost like a lucky dip. Men going out and coming back..My own experiences count marriages to illegals to get them here..then a divorce so they can marry to get another member of a village here..and women coming over on a visa and getting pregnant and having an english baby…lovely person..she had twins and wanted nothing to do with the father..but she has brought 2 sisters here and they have a council house…and my husband and I could not get one or a property suitable for our age. Private renting is expensive and we have moved..had to move 4 times since 2008. in that time we have both had poor health. I had cancer, my husband id disabled….We still can’t get a council house and live in a tight little ground floor flat tiny..and over £520 a month. we have small pensions but have worked all our lives?? I do not understand it feels as if we have no value !!!

  3. Jim Drummond

    You have begun to restore my faith in human nature! When I am emailed from your policy office my reply is always that I cannot vote labour in the absence of a policy to reverse the bereavement reductions. I appreciate that it may appear a big ask. Imagine you are 36 have 2 school age children and you husband passes. Previously Widowed Parents Allowance ensure that young parents who loose their partners had a small payment of £108 basic then an additional amount for each child. In my case my wife died when my children were 6 and 10. My company were not sympathetic (G4S) as I worked as a Supervisor in a Secure Training Center where 10 to 15 year olds were held following court sentencing. My contract was unsocial hours and I could not fulfill my contract. I returned to work to be told they do not have any 9 to 5 jobs. I was determined not to give up and live off benefits (a job center employee suggested quietly I go on the sick). I had to resign but I was working within a week I had another job. I dropped £10k in salary WPA was an absolute lifeline. None of the people I have spoken to, literally hundreds of widows and widowers, have stopped grieving but we learned to live with it. I would implore and beg you please do what you can for the bereaved. Thank you for listening.

  4. Rachel

    But then we hear your bosses saying they’ll be tougher on us than the Tories and won’t represent those on benefits and we have to conclude that what you say does not in any way reflect the policies of the party you claim to represent…

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